Java panataran temple

Temple Panataran found in the year 1815, but until 1850 not much was known. Penemunya is Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles (1781-1826), Lieutenant Governor General of British colonial government in power in the State of Indonesia. Raffles, together with an expert Dr.Horsfield Natural Sciences to visit the temple Panataran, and the results kunjunganya dibukukan in the book titled "History of Java" is published in two volumes. Raffles impression this was followed later by other researchers, namely: J. Crawfurd a resident assistant in Yogyakarta, the next Van Meeteren Brouwer (1828), Junghun (1884), Jonathan Rigg (1848) and NWHoepermans that in the year 1886 in the inventory Panataran monument complex.
Entering the temple area, in the main door we will be greeted two statue guards the door or called with a Dwaraphala community Blitar be famous as the "Mba Bodo." A statue of the guard, this is not because arcanya a large, but due to face the daunting (Daemonis). Carving the figures listed on the statue pedestal letter written in Ancient Java: Saka year 1242 or be a Christian if (plus 78 years) to year 1320 BC. Based on the bass figures that are on the second statue pedestal, that holy building palah (another name for the temple Panataran) inaugurated a temple state (state-temple) in the new era of Majapahit Jayanegara king who ruled in 1309-1328 BC.

Arca, in the east there are remains of the gate material made of red bricks. Other important buildings around the gate, there is a building that is oblong called Bale Agung. Then the building where the former pastor is only a framework of umpak-umpak only. A building in the square size is smaller than the Bale Agung is Pendopo Terrace pendopo shelf or in the form of small temples numbered year is called the Temple Year Figures, where buildings are made of andesite stone materials.

On the south side of temple buildings are still standing erect a stone or a stone inscription marked. This letter inscription using Java for many ancient Saka 1119 or 1197 BC issued by the King of the Kingdom of Kediri Srengga. Its contents include the dedication of a perdikan for Sira Batara Palah Worship (Temple Panataran). So the development process temple complex Panataran take at least 250 years, which was built starting in the year 1197 the kingdom of Kediri era until 1454 at the age of Majapahit Kingdom.

Ratu Port

Pelabuhan Ratu - Ombak never equal in the eyes of people.
Sea waves that produce thundering voice that always makes an impression apart. There are amazed, some are curious. People also have fear. Usually, they fear being associated with something smelly mystical. Of course, almost everyone seemed to converge to the beach when the wave. The tersaji fit together around the beautiful panorama.

Pelabuhan Ratu Jakarta and around 130 kilometers. You will not regret the journey long enough to achieve this captivating area. Pretty beach, typical marine food seriously tempt. A queen will certainly enjoy the visit to Pelabuhan Ratu like you also, of course.

Dining place
Choose restaurants that offer a variety of seafood. You can also select and buy fish, shrimp, squid, crabs in short, all the raw materials from the sea, and ask for restaurants memasakkannya you.

Can You See Or Do

* Walk the beach
* Swimming
* Visit the TPI Fish Auction Place to buy fresh seafood with a cheaper price
* Playing games at the beach building sand castles or collect shellfish really fun to do!
* Visit the hot water bathing Cisolok
* Hunting fruit durian fruit and other tropical-fruit.

Tanjung Benoa

* On this beach we can do many water sports such as jetski, parasailing (parachute drawn by a speedboat), banana boat, flying fish (I think that was this game just normal, but after viewing how straight game, wauw seru banget ..) , diving, glass bottom boat. You can rent a boat in which essentially glazed so that they can see into the water. Be careful when renting, the price of the price list that can ditawar panicky. Fortunately I had before leaving for browsing and searching for information is the price permainan2. Here are some prices I got on the internet (July 2008)

* Massage: Rp 55,000 / person
* Banana Boat: Rp 50,000 / person (min 2 org)
* Flying fish: Rp 120,000 / person (min 2 org)
* Water Skiing: Rp 110,000 / org, 15 minutes
* Snorkeling: Rp 90,000 / org (min 2 org)
* Diving: Rp 235,000 / org
* Glass bottom boat: Rp 250,000 / boat (max 10 org)
Dolphin tour *: Rp 500,000 / person / 4 hours

Muara Kuin The market float

Market float Muara Kuin Traditional Market is located on the river in the Barito river estuary Kuin, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. Traders and buyers use jukung, a boat in Banjar. This market after the start until after the dawn prayer at 07:00 am. Sunrise reflective transaction between the vegetables and the gardens of villages along the river and Barito river children.
The atmosphere and activities of the market

With panoramanya witness, as if tourists are sightseeing. Jukung-jukung laden with cargo of merchandise vegetables, fruits, fish and all sorts of different needs of households available in the market float. When the sun began to appear gradually also began menyepi market, the traders also began to go leave the market float to bring the results with satisfaction.

The atmosphere of the market and float the unique characteristic is the thrust of boats large and small buyers find each other and the seller always berseliweran more shaky here and always played Barito river waves. Market float does not have organizations such as the market in the mainland, so it does not record how many traders and visitors to the merchant or bersarkan merchandise.

Vendors that sell boating results of the production itself or neighbors called the hamlet, while the second-hand purchase of a hamlet called for re-sale panyambangan. Keistemewaan this market is still often barter transactions between the traders boating, which is in a language called Banjar bapanduk, something unique and rare.

Mahawu Mountain

The volcanic mountain has crater lake of considerable beauty,Mahawu is save
to climb. After a ride of about 1 hour to reach the top of the mountain. On the way
to the top we cross onion, cowl dan potatoes field later slightly and wet forest.
But the way up you will be easy going except after rain. The last ten minutes to
the top are a little bite more climb and ussually you will sweat a little bite more
the temperature. But you will be highly appreciatted from the view around, you will
see manado with the islands before, plenty another volcanoes, Tomohon itself and
tondano town with the lake Tondano. You can visit Mahawu mountain in Tomohon
about 25 km away from Manado.

Tondano Lake

Lake of the historic and the biggest lie in one of the Minahasa high indeed feasible in this visit. Padang - the green of the broad to the lakeside, and a number of restaurants bermenu roasted fish on the shores of Lake teresmbul where you can eat the fish roasted in a hidangkan with kangkung tumis. Do not forget to try DABU-DABU, a spicy samal made of sliced red pepper, tomato and onion.

The largest lake in the region, the inte pleteau Scenic area is well worth a visit. Fertile rice paddies leads towards the lake's edge and numorous fish restaurants are dotted upon the Lakeside where you can sample baked goldfish (koi fish) served with fresh water spinach. Dont forget to try with fiery DABU-DABU, a local accompaniment to the fish consisting of choped chillies, tomatoes and spring onions.

Monumen Bajra Sandhi

District / City: Denpasar
Bajra Sandhi Monument is the Bali People's Struggle to attention on the hero and a symbol of the soul hotbed preserving Balinese people's struggle from generation to generation and from time to time that can provide innovation and inspiration in filling and maintaining the regularity of Unity RI. Location of the monument is located in front of the Head of Regional Office of Governor of Bali Province, also in front of the Bali Provincial Legislative Building Niti Mandala Renon persisnya Field Puputan in Renon.

The entire data area monuments quadrangular square with the draft Tri Mandala:
1. As Main Mandala is the / most of the building
2. As Madya Mandala is the orbit of Main Mandala
3. Mandala as the snake is the most outside the orbit Madya Mandala

Building on the Main building monuments Mandala arranged into 3 floors:
Main Utamaning Mandala is a 3 floor berposisi top of the space functions as a quiet calm, tranquil, serene place to enjoy the atmosphere around the monument distance.
Mandala is Madyaning Main floor 2 functions as a place diaroma which amounted to 33 units. Floor 2 (two) as a place to display this miniature Balinese people struggle from time to time. On the outside of the round this room, there is a porch or terrace to enjoy the open atmosphere around.
Mandala is Nistaning Main Building ground floor of the monument, there is a space of information, keperpustakaan space, exhibition space, meeting rooms, administrative space, the building and toilet. The middle of the room there is a lake called Tasik as the navel, and eight pole exalted ascend the stairs also shaped tread virgin.