Lawang Hill

In the District tepatnyadi Langkat District Bahorok, we know tourism object Bukit Lawang. Bukit Lawang is a tour of the area of natural beauty; jungle wilderness, Mount Leuser National Park, Lika river meander the watery bahorok clear and cool decorated to create a small waterfall area and the atmosphere very comfortable. Attraction is also equipped with the Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center, which is a program of the world body the World Wide Life Fund (WWF). Dilokasi this we can see how the officer perikehidupan rehabilitate the Orang Utan elama not recognize this as a natural open habitat kehidupammya. Regular inspections and efforts to re-forest as attracting foreign tourists.

Evidence Lawang area that combines a variety of natural beauty seerti forests, rivers, waterfalls and caves are some resources for doing hornet activities; treaking, rafting, tubbing, and cross-country camping, or camping. Besides, some facilities such as cottage (cottages tour), restaurant, souvenir outlets, money changer, phone kiosks and public camping ground complete the needs of your visit.

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