Wanagama Forest

In a trip to the city Wonosari, we will take Gading village, located approximately 35 kilometers from the city of Yogyakarta. Gading village, we will arrive at the Forest Education Wanagama I, a distance of 1 kilometer from Gading, located on the edge Oya rivers, so this place is a natural blend that is very beautiful.

Forest Education Wanagama I, is made in the forest, built for the purposes of education, in addition to the pattern as a pilot to develop a multipurpose forests, especially in the critical and IM.

Forest Education Wanagama I have a wide 80 ha, managed by the Faculty of Forestry Gadjah Mada University. Teenagers and those who are interested in the problem deepens - forestry issues will benefit the most when berwidyawisata (study-tour) to the Forest of Education this. Location in this area is also available for camping with a capacity of 200 people.

To reach this location, the vehicle can be general of Yogyakarta's bus terminal, take the direction Wonosari, down in the village Gading. Travel from Ivory dituju to object, is done on foot (except when bringing your own vehicle) as a vehicle for the general location of Forest Education Wanagama I do not have this.

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