Tomohon Garden

with the concept of "Balance of Nature and Spirit", Raya Garden Tomohon want to give more value in the appeal to the other park. Different types of native plants from the region are presented in Wallacea is this botanical garden. Not only the type of plants, but the botanical garden is also presenting a natural feel with the exotic background pegununga

Borneo- Orang Utan

Orang Utan come from kalimantan.
Borneo Orang Utan listed as a threatened species and is estimated between 55,000 Ð 40,000 remaining in the wilderness. In Sebangau National Park, Central Kalimantan, Orang Utan populations continue to decline from almost 13,000 individuals between 6900 into 1996 and 2003 due to habitat fragmentation, illegal logging, forest conversion, illegal trade, and forest fires. They likely will not be able to survive in the wilderness, except Òmanusia forest merahÓ this dilestarikan in areas with well managed and protected forest landscapes and in the wider connected by a corridor.

Orang Utan conservation efforts in our National Park Sebangau conducted in a manner that is complete, which provides protection to the Orang Utan populations through habitat protection, while also working with our various partners to promote social and economic development for local communities around the park. In the Betung Kerihun National Park (BKNP), we began working with the Orang Utan population identify where after that we facilitate the establishment of joint patrols involving local communities, NGOs, the guards BKSDA and national parks.

Description physical Borneo Orang Utan:

* Hair on the face of Borneo Orang Utan fewer people rather than their relative Utan from Sumatra;
* Having a very long hands that can reach 2 m in length. Legs relatively short and weak, but the arm and hand is very strong;
* It is the largest mammal tree climber, moving from one tree to another tree, where they do not want to climb down the tree to the ground;
* Jantan be mature because the large size, bag ball in the throat and cheeks on each side of the face.
Moving with hands clench on the ground;
* The length of the body is approximately 1.25 Ð 1.5 m;
Weight adults 30 to 50 kg for females and 50 Ð 90 kg for males;
* Bulunya reddish brown.

source :

Transport in Bali

Traffic situation

Traffic is crazy in Bali, especially because the roads are overcrowded, especially in the south around Kuta, and especially at the rush hours in the morning and evening. Also there seems to be no rules, or no one seems to know the rules. The traffic has simply a flow. But ok, there are some rules, but they will not be written down somewhere:

  • The bigger wins (most important rule), so never try to get the priority from a bus or any bigger vehicle.
  • If you cross a small road use the warnung lights it means you want to cross the road and go straight.
  • If you flash your light it means you want to force your way - not you are giving priority (as you might be used to e.g. in Europe).

Petrol prices

Petrol prices in Bali are among the cheapest in Asia, with about 50 Eurocents per litre premium.

Motor bike rental:

You can rent a cheap bike for about 10,000 Rupiah per day, this is very cheap (it is about 1 USD). The traffic has a flow, and it needs some kind of experience to drive in this traffic. As hospitals are not so good - here in Bali, it is recommendable to hire a car, it is also very cheap - and you can share it.

Just you should not have a motor bike accident here - look carefully around and see those people with one leg, or with heavy accidents and think. Or just ask any guy from here if he knows a friend with a heavy accident.

Car rental:

For one day you pay for a modern 4 seater Toyota about 200,000 Rupiah per day. If you rent the same car for 4 weeks, it will come down to 110,000 Rupiah or eventually 100,000 per day (including an insurance). For the cheapest, a two seater Suzuki Jeep it will come down to 75,000 Rupiah/day. Be careful, most old and cheaper cars do not have an insurance with it. Car with driver comes up to 400,000 Rupiah a day.

Apropos insurance: Strange, but most cars and vehicles in Bali have no insurance. So, only if you rent a newer car they will come with an insurance. And even this insurance might have an own part of USD 750, which you have to pay as your contribution.

OK, basically you will need a car to go around, with our without driver. You can call Putu Tirrta Wirsata (0062 81 23904268), he will pick you up at the airport and give you a fair price. An alternative is a guy called OBIE and his number is 0062 361 701864. With both you need to negotiate. With driver expect 30 to 50 EUR, without driver 10 to 12 EUR a day. Dont'f forget to tune in 98.5 FM - the best radio in town.


Gudeg Yogyakarta

gudeg food is typical of the city yogyakarta, sweet foods that match the tastes yogyakarta, making way


* 1 ½ kg young jackfruit
* 1 tbsp tamarind
* 2 tbsp palm sugar
* 6 pieces bay
* 4 cup coconut milk
* Salt
* Cooking oil
Mashed the ingredients:

* 8 grains of red onion
* 4 cloves garlic
* ½ tsp coriander,
* ½ tsp caraway,
* 10 grains candlenut

*jackfruit young sliced 4 cm size ago secukupnya boiled with water until cooked, lift
* Dissolved tamarind and brown sugar with a little water.
* Heat oil, tumis ingredients are mashed together with the bay, water, brown sugar and tamarind water.
* After fragrant, enter jackfruit, poke the average, add salt
* Finally, coconut milk and cook until boiling and slightly curdle milk and oily.

For 5-6 people.


Simply to remind us again how to appreciate the importance of history and heritage objects such as artefacts, artefacts, temples, inscription, or the other, let us see how the Borobudur be reconstructed so that the building and including a magnificent seven wonders of the world. To mengawalinya we need to see how the names and Borobudur known.
Forest grove
Around three hundred years past, the temple is still a forest grove that is called by residents of surrounding Borobudur Redi. For the first time, the name Borobudur known manuscript of the paper Negarakertagama MPU Prapanca in the year 1365 BC, is mentioned about a monastery in Budur. Then in the Babad Tanah manuscript ox (1709-1710) there is news of Mas Fund, a rebel against King Paku Buwono I, caught in the Redi Borobudur dijatuhi and the death penalty. Then in the year 1758, tercetus news about a prince from Yogyakarta, namely Prince Monconagoro, interested to see the statue of a knight in a narrow cage. Then in the year 1814, Thomas Stamford Raffles got the news from subordinates on the hill filled with stone-carved stone. Based on the news that Raffles sent Cornelius, a fan art and history, to clean up that hill. Once cleaned for two months with the help of 200 people, building the temple and clear proceed to the restoration in 1825.
At 1834, Resident Kedu clean temple, and stupa temple 1842 years to be reviewed for further research.

Borobudur own name on many experts interpret the ancients, among them Prof. Dr. Poerbotjoroko Borobudur explain that the word comes from two words Bhoro and Budur. Bhoro derived from Sanskrit which means bihara or residence, while Budur word refers to the name of the place. This strengthened by Prof.. Dr. WF. Stutterheim is that Borobudur means Bihara on a hill. Meanwhile, Prof.. JG. De Casparis build on Prasasti Karang Tengah said the establishment of this year, the Year Sangkala: sagara kstidhara taste, or Caka 746 years (824 BC), or during the Sailendra dynasty glamourize the god Indra. In inscription didapatlah name Bhumisambharabhudhara which means a place of worship of the ancestors for the soul-spirit leluhurnya. Shift in how the word is going to be Borobudur? This is because the pronunciation of the local community.
Dynasty dynasty
In history lessons, the Borobudur temple that is made during the dynasty of Sailendra Buddhis under the leadership of King Samarotthungga. While creating the temple, according to tuturan community called Gunadharma. Development temple was completed in the year 847 M. According to the inscription Kulrak (784M) the making of this temple is assisted by a teacher from Ghandadwipa (Bengalore) called Kumaragacya a very respected, and a prince from Kashmir Visvawarman named as the expert advisor in Buddis Tantra Vajrayana teachings. Development of this temple began in the Dananjaya Maha Raja Sri Sanggramadananjaya the title, followed by her son, Samarotthungga, and by the daughter and grandchildren, Dyah Ayu Pramodhawardhani.
Before restored, such as Borobudur temple ruins as well as artefacts, artefacts found a new temple now. When we visited Borobudur and enjoy the natural beauty of its surroundings on the top of the temple, sometimes we never think about who is meritorious rebuild Borobudur is a magnificent building and a wealth of the nation of Indonesia.

Further restoration after by Cornelius at Raffles and Resident Hatmann, done in 1907-1911 by THEODORUS van ERP rebuild the order form from the temple ruins eaten because of the age, to the form now. Van ERP actually an engineer building Genie Military rank of lieutenant with one, but then attracted to research and learn the tricks of Borobudur temple, falsafahnya start to the teachings of dikandungnya.
For that he was trying to appeal to study for several years in India. He also went to Sri Lanka to see the top of the stack building stupa in Sanchi Kandy, to finally find the form of ERP van Borobudur. While the foundation and philosophy of religion found by Stutterheim and NJ. Chrome, which is about the teachings of the Buddha Dharma with mainstream Mahayana Yogacara-and there is a tendency also mingled with the flow Tantrayana-Vajrayana. Therefore, the pemugar must have sekelumit history of religion in Indonesia.
Research on the order of building the temple and brought the philosophy of course that does not need a little time, especially if dihubung-connect with the temple buildings of the one family. As well as between the Borobudur temple and the temple Pawon Mendut which geographically is on a path.

Materials temple
Borobudur temple is the second largest after the Temple Ankor Wat in Cambodia. Borobudur similar building Cheops pyramid in Egypt Gizeh. Area of 15,129 m2 of Borobudur Temple is composed of 55,000 m3 of stone, of 2 million discounted stones. Size stones average 25 cm X 10 cm X 15 cm. Length overall discount stone 500 km to the overall weight of 1.3 million tons of stone. Walls of Borobudur Temple surrounded by images, or relief, which is a series of stories that terususun panel in 1460. The length of each panel 2 meters. So if the series of relief that dibentangkan then more or less the whole length of 3 km relief. The number of levels there are ten, the level of 1-6 square-shaped, while the level of 7-10 circular shape. That there is a statue in the temple buildings of 504 units. Meanwhile, a high temple of the surface soil until the end of the main stupa was 42 meters, but now live 34.5 meters after tersambar lightning.

According to the results of an investigation etnolog-Austrian anthropologist Robert Heine von Geldern, the ancestor of the Indonesian people are governance culture at the time of Neolithic and Megalithic originating from South Vietnam and Cambodia. Megalithic that at the time of the ancestors of Indonesia make graves leluhurnya form of worship as well as a multilevel pyramid building, the more up to the small. One of them is found in Lebak Sibedug Leuwiliang Bogor in West Java. There are similar buildings in the temple Sukuh near Solo, the Borobudur Temple. If we see from a distance, Borobudur layout will look like berundak or building such a pyramid and the stupa.

Unlike the giant pyramid in Egypt and Teotihuacan in Mexico Piramida Borobudur is another version of pyramid building. Pyramid of Borobudur kepunden berundak form that will not be found in the region and any country, including in India. And that was one of the advantages Borobudur is a peculiarity of the architecture Budhis in Indonesia.

See the grandeur of Borobudur temple, and at this time, other temples in Indonesia has provided a great knowledge about the Indonesian nation. Various sciences involved in the reconstruction effort Borobudur made by van Teodhorus ERP. We should appreciate the efforts given the various constraints and difficulties faced in rebuilding this temple.

Until now there are a few things that still be a mystery around the Borobudur Temple, for example, in the order of the stone, how to carry stones from the area of origin to destination, whether the stones are already in the desired size or shape as the original stone mountain , how long the process of cutting the stones to the size you want, how menaikan stones from the bottom of the page to the top of the temple, a tool that is used if the crane? Given that at that time there were no pictures blue (blue print), and whether the facilities if they want to negotiate the steps which must be done, in terms of relief images, whether the stones that image after ago is, or in plain stone new to be chiselled drawn. And from which the image be chiselled, from top to bottom or from bottom to top? And many more mysteries that have not yet revealed the knowledge, especially about finding space on the main stupa temple.
Restoration in the years 1974-1983

Treasure trove
Restoration done in the next year 1973-1983, the lapse of 70 years of restoration the van ERP. Restoration is intended as no other attempts to preserve the priceless cultural value. This is the "treasure trove" that surely can not be sold especially with the money to pay off debt. Awareness of the community to participate in secure buildings, including temples are also expected from the tourists.
Excavation, research and restoration plan to the temple or temple-property historic other recently found of course takes time and costs that are not small. Restoration of archaeological and cultural development is not a modern building. Each building has a cultural meaning that it is special and can not be ignored in the restoration of old buildings are. Therefore need support from various parties, both from within and from abroad. Efforts to rebuild a civilization of symbols that have lost the means to open the eyes of our heart-history of human civilization that India is rich with culture and science. Thus, we will become capable of human berbudaya appreciate their own culture as a form of identity and the identity of an independent nation.

Finally, we must appreciate the passion back up the things that heritage is not only a rich community and the nation, but also a wealth of knowledge that will continue to reveal the facts of history. Enjoy the beauty and keep kelestariannya is a form of awareness which is very meaningful. Of course, the role of institutions related to the protection of these heritage needs to be improved by providing the understanding, dissemination and understanding of the importance of maintaining and preserving these objects.

Legal protection should also ditegakkan consistently so that it does not happen again defect-defect law is leaving for the public sense of injustice, as well as cases of blasting Borobudur in 1983 .*** Stay a mystery, just to Borobudur temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the world with 34.5 meters high and the area of 123 x 123 meters. In dirikan on a hill that is located approximately 40 km southwest of Yogyakarta, 7 km south of Magelang, Central Java.

Borobudur was built by Sailendra dynasty between 750 and 842 BC. Buddhist temple is the most likely abandoned about a century after the center was built because of the kingdom at that time moved to East Java. Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles find Borobudur in 1814 in a damaged condition and ordered that the site is cleaned and learned thoroughly. Borobudur restoration project in a large-scale and starting from year 1905 to 1910 led by Dr. Tb. van ERP. With assistance from UNESCO, the second restoration to rescue Borobudur was conducted from August 1913 until the year 1983.

However, until now Borobudur is still a mystery to deposit. A number of mysteries that, for example, who designed the temple of Borobudur, the amount of people to be built temples, of which only the stone to build the temple? Philosophy is used to make temples? But that this temple is a critical asset for India in the international world. We must be proud and always keep kelestariannya.

Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Garden Station was established in 1864 and moved in Cikini to Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta in 1966. Markets Ragunan garden is inhabited by more than 260 types of animals, including animals of rare and endangered from Indonesia and some of the world.

Come and skip day-to-day with a beautiful family and your friends at the Park Station Ragunan. Is the place that is fun to travel and you will surely also impressed on the heritage of Indonesia Margasatwa of us that is unique.Zoo entrance ticket you can buy at Rp 4000, - for adults and Rp 3.000, - for children. Animals that are here just as full a range of birds (bird pelikan, peacock, eagle, etc.), various Primate (monkey, bekantan, etc.), various types of snakes, honey bears, elephants, deer, camels, kudanil, bison, bats. For wild animals, you can see the tiger, white tiger, lion, crocodile, bear. In addition to viewing the animals, you can also invite your child to play in the children's playground, where there are a variety of games and games from various balloon.

At the zoo there is also this "Schmutzer Primate Center." You must purchase tickets at Rp 5,000, - to go to the place. This place is special to display different kinds of Primate with a different atmosphere and there is a museum Primate to increase knowledge of children. The first time you log in, we have to climb stairs, and then from above we can see the gorilla the size of humans. Primate others here who have, among other gibbon, hoop, white monkey, and various other types.

There are also "the Orang Utan," here we enter the long and dark tunnel that is made like a cave, where between each section separated by a rope-a rope-like roots of trees. On-hand side of the tunnel appears to be a thick glass so that we can see the Orang Utan outside.

Once out of the tunnel, we can climb a tree house that is running high among trees or through suspension bridge. On the other hand, there is a balinese garden. Places like this are made balinese atmosphere. There is also a playground for children, such as swaying, the trees can dipanjat, bergelantung rope or play in the sand.

TOur Maninjau Lake -West Sumatra

Lake is a lake Maninjau vulkanik, in the height of 461.50 meters above sea level. Extent of 99.5 km ² and has a maximum depth of 495 meters. The existence of Lake Maninjau create a legend of the story "Bujang Sembilan", which is trusted by the people around her. Alkisah have a family consisting of 10 men, 9 men (celibate) and a woman named Sani. Keelokkan look and behavior Sani hornet into power for a young man named Sigiran. Short words and then they make love. One day they were allegedly doing unscrupulous acts by the footman. To membuktikannya, they jump to the mountain crater Review. They swear if they do follow the unscrupulous mountain will not erupt, and if they do not take action then the unscrupulous mountain will erupt. Finally, mountain, and the resulting explosion burst the shape of the crater and then filled by water and become lakes, such as now.

B. Specialties
First President of the Republic of Indonesia Ir. Soekarno when on a visit to Lake Maninjau and amazed with the beauty. Kekagumannya to reveal he is writing a poem that reads, "If arai Pinang eat, eat betel with the green, do not come to Ranah Minang, if not stop by to Maninjau. Poem written by the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, simply represent the beauty of the panorama to describe the nature of Lake Maninjau nan exotic.

C. Location
Maninjau Lake District is located in the Tanjung Raya, Agam regency, West Sumatra Province, Indonesia.

D. Access
To reach Lake Maninjau, travel through the land applied. There are 2 alternative routes to go to Lake Maninjau. First, enter the path from the West and two from the East. From the West, starting from the travel path through the Pariaman Lubuk cone (the capital of Kabupaten Agam), more or less go for 1 ½ hours. For transportation can use public transport, travel, and car hire. From the east, starting from the trip to and from the town of Bukittinggi Bukittinggi travel on to Lake Maninjau meanders through 44 use public transport, private cars, or car hire. Travel time be approximately 3 hours.

E. Tickets
To enter the item does not travel free of charge.

F. Accommodation
Around Lake Maninjau many hotels that can be used as a place to stay, ranging from class to class star jasmine. In addition to the hotel, there are also home stay, which is managed by the community, which can serve as an alternative for the tourists to stay places. Meanwhile, to treat hunger, the tourists can choose the preferred place to eat, because many restaurants are available along the lake edge with the various menu presents a variety of good cuisine and the cuisine of other countries.

Semayang Lake Dan Melintang Lake

Lake and Lake Semayang cross located not far from Kota Bangun. Two Lake will ignites when the water flow down Mahakam River. But when the Mahakam River water ride in the night, these two separate lakes.
Semayang lake is located on the left and the right transverse Lake.

This lake Didua tourists can enjoy the carpet of the river water is also quiet and birds chirp. Natural beauty of this peak at the time of sunrise and sunset. As if sun-up and sinking of the jungle island of Kalimantan. Didua this lake there are also fish species pesut the dolphins fresh water which is very rarely found.

In addition to the area as a nature tourism, Lake and Lake Semayang also be a source of cross livelihood for village residents and village Semayang Kenohan Pela.

Tour And Guide Indonesia

Inherent in a culture that has not been left out by indonesian foreign factors, are maintaining the quality and range of quality natural, like many inland tribes, handicrafts, nature tours, and tour a very interesting history.
mountains that line seems to be a stronghold of natural resources and tourist destinations.

Gantang Stone Mountain

Stone mountain, this is one of the tourism Ketapang that have not been many. Giant pile of stone is a natural phenomenon miracle.
Kec community. Bent mountain is named with the name "Mount bushel" because that is shaped like a bushel penyukat tool (penakar) rice. It's also called the "Power Hill" because when viewed from the other side often change, so we terpedaya, the hill disebutlah with power.
Many of the mysteries that have not been revealed from the mountain rock, the geological processes and events of this stone is not much revealed. In addition, no less interesting diversity of flora and fauna in this area is very interesting to be inspected.

According to the Notes in the World KIPDE international and national level, especially pemanjat the cliffs, the long hill with a "camel Hill" because the shape is similar to the camelback, berpunak-punak. With steep slope that has become a challenge for the pemanjat edge, so at the national and international area is already included in the list of their agenda.
To go to this area can be a vehicle through the water with boat speed through the district. Hilir Sungai Simping and Melano. It also can be by road, from either direction and through Kendawangan Kec. Tumbang Titi.

Penujang other facilities for the traveler is still limited, located in the remote district of accommodation and facilities so that restaurants do not yet exist. But as already known in the world, it is not too difficult if we sell the name of this hill to the tourists, especially peminat rock climbing, nature pencita and researchers.

Local government also began to improve road facilities to the area, some roads are also under way across to go to this district, so that will shorten the distance. Is still need to gradually, because there is still much to be ditangai kabupaten governments.

Kasih Hill

Bukit Kasih Tomohon is located in the region, precisely at the foot of Mount Soputan. From the city of Manado can be reached by private vehicle for about 1 hour.
Bukit Kasih called because there are places of worship close together, all the religious symbols that can live side by side in peace and mutual love.
Located in the village area Kanonang, Kawangkoan. Bukit Kasih is one way to appreciate God through His creation. Love is the hill where the spiritual center of the various religious beliefs come together, bermeditasi, and worship, is located in the lap of lush tropical hills and foggy. Located 55 km from Manado city, Bukit Kasih welcomes local and foreign tourists to worship according to their beliefs, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or other beliefs. The only place in this world for all who seek peace and spiritual truth. Transparency, clarity, high stone that are left, and the beautiful nature. Covered by green plants and tropical plants, is the covenant that God's hands sincere. This monument was established to demonstrate the basic principles of reciprocal - back, love and love among the beliefs of the North Sulawesi. Based on the legends of the tribe of Minahasa, Bukit Kasih where death is the ancestor of Minahasa: Toar and Lumimuut.

Bunaken Tour Guide

Want to dive in Bunaken, a guide, and tour the beautiful sea. in this blog will offer a snapshot of Bunaken

The beauty of Bunaken sea

Bunaken is a beautiful country under the sea that mesmerize, a variety of marine animals will make us impressed.Bunaken island is an area of 8.08 km ² in the Bay of Manado, which is located on the northern island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. This island is part of the city of Manado, the provincial capital of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Around the island of Bunaken Bunaken marine park there which is part of the Marine National Park Manado Tua. This marine park has a marine biodiversity one of the highest in the world. Scuba dive attracts many visitors to the island. Overall Bunaken marine park covers area of 75,265 hectares with five islands that are in it, that is, the island of Manado Tua, Bunaken Island, Siladen Island, Pulau Mantehage following some children pulaunya, and Island Naen. Although the area covers 75,265 hectares, the location of dive (diving), only limited in each of the five beaches encircle the island.
Bunaken marine park has a 20 point dive (Dive spot) to vary with the depth of 1344 meters. 20 point dive from the 12 point dive in them around Bunaken Island. Twelve point dive this is the most frequently visited by divers and lovers of the beauty beneath the sea. For those who do not wish to dive can use / mentyewa boat is equipped underneath the glass to see the beauty beneath the sea.

Most of the 12 point dive in the Bunaken Island line from the southeast to the northwest island. In this region there are "underwater great walls", which is also called "hanging walls," or walls of a giant coral vertical stand and buckle up. Wall rock is also a source of food for fish in the waters around Bunaken Island.

source :

Dayak - borneo

Dayak tribe is the original area east kalimantan, kalimantan quite cool in the external ear, known as Kalimantan Borneo.
Pampang Village, there is a long house typical Dayak Kenyah who became the center of life and culture in the village. Magnificent buildings and terawat tidy, standing in a neat terrain that large. Each Sunday, the people serve the arts attractions. Samarinda Many residents and visitors who come to see this cultural treat.

Along the main road to the village also some shops and stalls that offer a variety of cooperative handicraft goods and souvenirs typical Dayak Kenyah.

In this village we can see one of the tribal culture of Dayak wisawatan to be special.

There, visitors can view showtimes and cultural Dayak tribe dances around more than 2 hours, held at the custom house. In addition, you can see directly the life of the Dayak people.

After watching showtimes can also berfoto with dancers or with the Dayak people who berkuping long. Once an image, you must dive Rp.25.000 of pocket. Or if want to wear traditional berfoto for themselves, pay only Rp.15.000, -.

The village is a settlement Pampang Dayak Kenyah tribe that is located on the fringe of the city Samarinda, only a few kilometers deh like pity. The incoming administration is still Samarinda City, what is wrong. In this village there every sunday afternoon art community Dayak Kenyah. at that time we can see those old Dayak tribe ear with a long and large earrings. They are present in the House which is the length of the location performance. It also sold a variety of craft works Pampang villagers, in the form of headdress, traditional clothes, some key etc., all of which make up beads

Tanah Toraja

tongkonan - rumah adat orang toraja

TAnah Toraja, is a popular tourism with cultural property. District that is located approximately 350 km to the North Makassar is very popular with home building adatnya. Custom house is called Tongkonan. Its roof made of bamboo, and be prepared to roll up, but at this time that many also use zinc. Tongkonan also has degrees kebangsawanan strata according to the strata, such as gold, bronze, iron and brass.
Tanah Toraja rule with building this house, as a form of tourism promotion and to menggaet Japanese tourists to this area, the custom house was built in the country "sunrise" is. The building is done by people themselves and diboyong Toraja tourism operators to negari sakura. Now in Japan, already have two Tongkonan which is very similar to the original Tongkonan. Attendance Tongkonan always amazed people to make the country because of the unique. The difference with that in Tanah Toraja is located on the roof of the bamboo.
To go to Tanah Toraja attention this path there is a domestic flight Makassar - Toraja Land at this time only once a week and a small plane berpenumpang eight people, which takes 45 minutes from Hasanuddin Airport Makassar. If through the land, which is quite tiring journey this takes seven to ten days.

Interesting event in the area of this tour is the ritual burial remains (solo signs) and signs tuka (syukuran party) which is fixed in each calendar year. In addition to the event, visitors can see close objects of cultural interest tours such as the storage remains in the corpse's shaped "container" with the giant size of 3 meters wide and 10 meters high and Tongkonan which have aged 600 years in Londa, Rantepao.

More attraction of Tanah Toraja than traditional signs solo ceremony (funeral), which is famous for this. Grave of an infant on the tree in the village of Tarra Kambira, Sangalla District, about 20 kilometers from Padang, the corpse is prepared for a baby aged 0 - 7 years.
Although bury the baby on the tree Tarra was not performed again since tens of years, but the tree "bury" the baby's corpse was still upright, and many tourists visit. Tarra on the tree like a fruit breadfruit which is made by local vegetables with a circle around the tree trunk 3.5 meters, saved tens of clay babies.

kuburan pohon di tanah toraja

Before the hearse entered into the tree trunk, the tree first and then dilubangi baby dead bodies to be put in and then covered with coconut palm fiber black. After tens of years, the infant remains will be integrates with the tree. This is an attraction for the traveler and to Tanah Toraja people still consider the place sacred, such as a new born child.

The placement of the baby remains in the tree is also tailored to the social strata. The higher degree of social and family that the higher the place the baby buried in the trees is Tarra. In fact, infants who die are placed according to the direction where the family lived sorrow. If the house is in the western part of the tree, the child's corpse will be placed in the west.

kuburan batu londa di tanah toraja

Grave stone, a form of grave Toraja People

Culture that is known in Tanah Toraja Namely Aluk that underlie this Todolo joints-joints Toraja people, including indigenous istiadatnya. Although there is the influence of Christianity and Islam, Aluk Todolo believe in the strength of the three compulsory worship, namely Puang Matua (God), the highest element of strength as the creator of earth, sky, and all its contents; Deata-deata (And not Pemelihara Earth); and to Membali Puang (spirit of the ancestors has been blossom out Dewa).

Third element is a miracle that is held by men. Toraja tribe is offering to give offerings and sacrifice-offering consisting of a water buffalo, pigs, chickens, and the like, and is done separately in a different time in a manner that is also different: Puang Matua who reside in heaven adored and worshiped with the ceremony in front of the house Tongkonan (Rumah Tanah Toraja adat), Deata be home in the east, To Membali Puang in the west or in the house where the sexton jenazahnya buried.

Inheritance of the teachings of the ancestors of the Toraja this is shaping the pattern of behavior Toraja as a source of cultural elements that appear in the social phenomenon until now.

Suspicion about the nature of classification of highway known east-west and north-south. East is matallo, ie, the sun is regarded as representing the quality of happiness, light, joy, and the source of life. West (matampuâ € ™), the sun represents the best elements of dark, dolor. Classification east-west take the consequences in the lives of the order of the ceremony.

Toraja people not separated from the ceremony. Each phase of life is always at the same time with the ceremony. Similarly, in this life does not escape from the problem-like depression, light and dark. In the system known by the name of ritual signs Tukaâ € ™ (ceremony excitement) and signs Soloâ € ™ (ceremony dolor). Execution time, place, and officials who served in the two devices in the ceremony is divided sharply. For example, a beacon Tukaâ € ™ should not be served to buoy Soloâ € ™.

North-south. North is the main ulunna called Lino (the earth) and the south called polloâ € ™ na (beneath the earth). North represents the contention as head, head, front, those who identified as respected and respectable tersuci. While the south is identified with a subordinate, feet, pursuivant.

Model home with all the customary Tongkonan aturannya the model. In the ceremony, the center latitude Tongkonan east-west, north-south. Ceremony Tukaâ signs € ™ held in the east Tongkonan at the time the sun began to rise, while Soloâ signs € ™ held in the west at the time the sun began to sink. The ceremony to worship Puang Matua performed in front of the house (north).

Signs Tukaâ € ™ This is a ceremony of the four safety alliance life, namely Aluk Maa € ™ lolo, a ceremony for human life and safety; Aluk Patuoan, ritual and life safety for animal and livestock animals; Aluk Plant, a ceremony to plant safety and the growth of crops and Aluk Building BANUA, the ceremony for the safety of home placement and home by owner.

Not too many people know that the people have Toraja ritual signs Tukaâ € ™ because this is more mengedepan in the mass media is a beacon ceremony Soloâ € ™. Signs Soloâ € ™ is a ritual of death and funeral ceremonies as the man who made the sacrifice of animals could be eating the cost hundreds of millions of rupiah, depending on the social strata will be someone who is dimakamkan.

Both binding ritual ceremony of life and the life of Toraja people, in its development is very difficult to be abandoned because the ceremonies is a means to preserve the culture and the arts Toraja

congratulations to visit indonesian sulawesi south and enjoy the journey and you


Coastal area of this watery liquid with a wavelength and a small white sand is the perfect place for those who love playing on the beach, beach beselancar and colley.
To push up the number of tourist visits to Balikpapan, Office Tourism continues berbenah. Manggar on the beach, for example, which is a tourism object Balikpapan mainstay, will be addressed gradually. For years this is the second phase of the program pembenahan that have been done since 2006.

"During the first phase ago that still have not finished, so be on the second stage. Such as paving block manufacture attraction for all who have not finished, "said the Head Office Tourism Balikpapan Oemy Facessly.

Added, in this second phase that will renovate benahi among the traders, block paving the parking lot, making the attraction of art, bathroom, musala, Rinse room, a place to plant trees (IM), and more. Manggar the main beach will be beautiful and beautiful.

"In the second stage pembenahan public facilities, the funds budgeted Rp 1.9 billion. Waiting to be lived. Clear that local and foreign tourists came to the Balikpapan attractions if good, "he added.

Plan on pembenahan this second phase, Manggar Beach will be a special icon. According Oemy, will be made a statue of gold fish at 5 meters so that the symbol Manggar Beach.

Tangkuban perahu

This beautiful place is located in Lembang, about 30 minutes from Bandung to use motor vehicles. Tangkuban Perahu is actually the volcano. Tangkuban boat called (Sundanese) because the shape resembles a boat capsize. There are interesting legends associated with this region memesona.

Days of old, have a pair of husband and wife who love each other. They have a son named Sangkuriang. Due to various reasons, the husband can not show the original form, so the husband beralihrupa become a dog. Sangkuriang very love that dog, who was named Tumang.

One day, Dayang Sumbi, Sangkuriang mother, want to eat deer liver. He ask his son to hunt deer. Sangkuriang endeavor but deer do not even get it. Fear of disappointing the heart ibunda, Tumang Sangkuriang kill, take heart, and then present it to the object Dayang Sumbi. Dayang Sumbi finally realize that the murdered Sangkuriang is the Tumang, and not deer. Anger, Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang beat until fall. Brow Sangkuriang injured, the blood stream. Dayang Sumbi dark eyes, he was cast out blood, meat forever.

Sangkuriang years passed and the young people grow into the mighty. Then he met with Dayang Sumbi who still looks young and graceful. They fall in love. Until finally find Sumbi Dayang scar on brow Sangkuriang. Sangkuriang is sure his son, Dayang Sumbi reject applications that handsome young man. Because Sangkuriang continue to insist engaged women, Dayang Sumbi set a condition: he will marry Sangkuriang when the youth can complete a giant boat in one night.

Outside estimates Sumbi Dayang, Sangkuriang able to do so. The boat was almost finished when Dayang Sumbi making the cock to crow before the time. Feel dejected because of his failed, Sangkuriang boats that are currently kicking dibuatnya. The boat was upside down and turned into mountains.

How to Achieve This Area

You can use the transport from the city of Bandung. Can also take a taxi. If you want to travel more comfortable, it is advisable to rent a car, so you can reach the peak of Tangkuban Prahu without having to deplete energy? Unless you really intend to hiking.

Place Stay
In lodging and hotels in Bandung. If you breathe in fresh air Lembang longer, you can stay overnight in Lembang? Who also met and hotel lodging.

If you intend to berolah sport, you can walk through the mountain slopes Tangkuban Prahu to peak. If not, you can relax yet enjoy the stunning scenery in a comfortable car.

Dining place

Variety of snack and light meals are sold here. Various restaurants around Lembang also eligible to be tested.

Hand Fruit

Aneka dolls, bags, hats made from synthetic fur. Warm and comfortable also dipakainya!
Craft of various rocks, especially onyx.
Sulfur powder to cure.
Trinkets and imitation jewelry.
Praktekkan your skills in the bargain!

Can You See Or Do

* Picnic while enjoying the scenery.
Observing the crater that is still seethe.
Walk to the crater upas. White crater offers a spectacular performance.


Not all people can be resistant to the sulfur smell. For the less able to withstand baunya, bring mask or handkerchief to cover nose and mouth.
Do not shrink from five feet traders reject the offer dagangannya if you are not interested.
Bring a jacket, sweater, or scarf, the temperature in the Tangkuban Prahu quite low.
Wear clothes and comfortable shoes.

BATIKAM STONE - west Sumatra

According to the Legenda Batu Minangkabau society Batikam is a stone that ditkam as a landmark agreement Parapatiah Datu Nan Sabatang with Datuk Katumanggungan. Two people are seen as the progenitor composer basic Minangkabau adat.

Enchantment of the stone plus Batikam:

1. There is a large rock and a hard stabbed with a kris, the history stabbed by Datuk Perpatih Nan Sabatang as pelampiasan emotions when bertikai with Datuk Katumanggungan.

2. Can see the result of stab holes directly on the stone

3. Located in Nagari Limo Kaum.


Menhir Mahat

Menhir is a historical building which is called a dead stone. Usually used as a spirit ancestor veneration by the people who embrace the era of stone animism belief. Menhir (standing stone) was built in various forms in accordance with the purpose of worship as people in those times believed that the spirit of the ancestors have a strong influence on community life. Therefore menhir built in accordance with the purpose of worship to be conducted. Menhir monuments as ancient history is evidence of the value of life that has developed in the first.

Mahat is also known site will be the era of rock called the Menhir. Menhir in Mahat few in number and location of more than 200 units. Karna the Menhir, Nagari this could be rated in the Old nagari Payakumbuh. Nagari old who used to be taboo is still thick and restrictions. Thick will still rule in a very traditional junjung layer by high society. Small still remember the time I go west kesurau beramai busy. Parents prayer in congregation in mosques and holy verse resonance routine reads the Koran at night. I feel mengasyikan home mengaji busy road beramai the torch lighting from coconut leaves tied. (Listarik signed in 1997). Candaan home mengaji will usually frighten each other lurid stories stories. For example the story of haunted places that will be passed. Hantu perlintasan place or places perlintasan wild animals such as Pigs forest or relax. And exhilaration after mengaji satisfaction is withdrawn will be the beautiful little Pertemanan time.

About ghost stories and haunted places are not longer in the era of foreign first. But now the era of talking about whether the ghost is still reliable? Karna generation is now growing in the era of technology and the mind of a logical view of the far future technology updates. Place was considered to be haunted is to be changed to housing residents. Large trees are no longer in tebang for a development. The road was quiet and dark now change to the way a noisy motor will roar and the car lights and lighting the way home and every street corner that will be prone to accidents. Pitopang for the tribe, the Blood scattered on arrival in arrival in the home or the home page is not as strange premonition that he (supernatural Being) has come. However, since the technology is entering the increasingly rare.

A custom in some villages nagari mahat if the Night takbiran diadakanlah an event "Badikia" in the mosque. "Badikia" the sentence of God melafazkan while accompanied by tambourine wasp. Usually, this event starts at 9 or 10 at night. This event is also in selingi eat rice with sticky rice is cooked by the mother deliberately mother near the mosque. Ditengan event "Badikia" about 11 hours with the sound dikejutkan replication "Badikia" which sounded gemanya by many villagers. Originally People "Badikia" in the mosque does not sound too off echo reply "badikia" enough nerindingkan bulu rome. Long run, but the sound of replication "badikia" increasingly loud voice accompany 'Badikia "in the mosque. Echo boom tambourine sounded loud over the sound person "badikia" in the hard mesjid.Semakin "badikia" in the mosque also be hard sahutannya. Participants' Badikia "uproar in the mosque. There are mosques disuatu initiative of the "badikia" 12 hours of the night they karna "badikia" semakain also hard to hear the sound of "Badikia" from the hill reel. Youth is more fun in the shop merinding mother and mother who want to cook in the kitchen of fear. Sound source Gempar karna "badikia" the voice gemanya rival 'badikia "in the mosque came from Tebing that seems to be as being where" Bunian "in the language known as Jin. That place called "Hill reel." Youth who was sitting there dikedai not dare return to the fear karna hear sound echo wasp tambourine and drum of the "Bukit reel." Sound is heard until the morning. Started about 11 pm and ended at the morning feast of Idul Fitri day 04: 30. Strange and rare occurrence that a public discussion topic. Perhaps also often used to hear the sound of the voice and Gong talempong from a trusted place where the community as a place to stay being bunian and they do not feel strange hearing. Usually the trust I hear a local landmark is something going to happen. Whether good or bad events only people who know that dituakan. And now, right at takbiran and ended dipagi Idul Fitri, the incident occurred again. Be strange indeed if in this sense but the actual incident that occurred at Takbiran. Precisely tuesday night, 30 September and ended early morning prayer Idul Fitri, 1oktober 2008. Believe or not is only logical mind each of us can answer it

Equator monument

Pontianak City is one of the areas passed by the imaginary equator. To mark it, dibangunlah a monument that has Tugu Equator (Equator Monument).

Historically, development of the monument became the icon of Pontianak was started in the year 1928, together with an international expedition led by a geography expert berkebangsaan Netherlands to determine the imaginary equator. At that time, the building is simple, ie, the form of a milestone that marked a direction arrow. In the year 1938, architecture monument Silaban renovate and add a circle at the top of the tonggaknya. New in 1990, with the intention to protect tugunya the original, the local government initiative to build a dome. Then, at the top of the dome is made duplicate monument with size five times larger than the size of the original monument.

In March 2005, a team from the Pengkajian and Application of Technology (BPPT) correct location of the zero point the actual equator. After a series of depth, the team concluded that from BPPT position 0 degrees, 0 minutes, 0 second and appeared to be about 117 meters to the Kapuas River from the current location of this monument.
B. Specialties

Equatorial line through the City of Pontianak is the only line of the equator in the world exactly earth split horizontally into the north and the south. So, standing in the zero latitude is there in the monument is certainly a pride for the visitors.

Uniquely, the monument is made of ironwood, not from cement, building as monument or monuments in general. Visitors may view the original building tugunya, see the documentation of the history of the monument from the beginning until now, so that visitors can obtain a basic knowledge about earth science and astronomy. Here, there is also an information board that shows the visitor statistics for both domestic and foreign.

This monument is visited by many tourists at the time of the occurrence of phenomena meridian sun bersiklus twice a year. Cycle that occurred on March 21-23, called Vernal Equinox (first intersection) as a sign of early spring, while cycles that occurred on September 21-23 is called the autumnal equinox (the intersection) as a sign of early autumn.

Although only about 5-10 minutes, to see objects directly in the vicinity of the monument does not have shadows, of course, cause a sensation that it is difficult to be depicted shape. To celebrate these two moments, usually in the monument held a variety of activities, attractions such as the traditional local arts, painting exhibitions, and so forth.

Only with pay Rp 10.000, - only, visitors will get a certificate as evidence that he ever visited the Tugu Equator. On the certificate there is a photo of the signature and the Mayor of Pontianak.

In the afternoon, the area once this is used as a place to relax with family or simply to remove the tired after working all day. At night, the more eksotisme this area feels. Location of the garden, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Kapuas River sweep. Flickering light from the Kapuas River opposite increase the attractiveness of this tourism object.
C. Location

Monument is in the Equator Equator Road, Siantan Kelurahan, Kecamatan Pontianak Utara, Kota Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.
D. Access

Location Tugu Equator is about 5 kilometers north of Pontianak city center. City of Pontianak, visitors can ride the city bus or transportation to the location of the monument is.
E. Ticket Price

Visitors are free of charge.
F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

Tugu area around the Equator there are various facilities such as mosques, restaurants, restaurants, cafés, souvenir shops, a wide parking area and safe, and the homeless and hotels with various types.

Komodo Island

Komodo Island is often visited the island and are on the island of Komodo parakomodo foreign and local tourists. On the island we can see various animals such as the cassowary, partridge, wild boar, Deer, Horses Forest, and Komodo. The beauty of Komodo Island with the fresh air and green tumbuhannya that make us stand in the island.

Travel To Komodo Island can through Labuan Bajo. From Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island at around 3 hours that will be traveling with the boat motor.
Facilities provided in the full boat will not make us tired, let alone you can see the islands without the trip to the island of Komodo.

Komodo Island, including one of a group of islands in the Komodo National Park west Flores, precisely in the Manggarai Barat. Most who are interested in travel to Komodo Island or Park Komodo National Park is the kind of share the view that the activities carried out by the Ancient animals and other animals in their own habitat.

Not only witnessed the activity made multiformity binatang2 who are in the Komodo National Park, we also can do other activities, such as the Komodo Island Diving. Diverse Tumbuhan sea, Coral Sea marine animals, and the beauty of the sea will memesona your heart.

Komodo National Park (TNK) was formed in 1980, initially covering only two large islands, namely Pulau Komodo and Rinca Island. Both this island to be designated as national parks have a unique type of wild life of the ancient lizard, or Komodo (Varanus Komodoensis). Then in 2000, the Ministry of Forestry to approve the proposed expansion area TNK stipulated in Decree of the Minister of Forestry and Plantation Tax 172/Kpts-II/2000. Thus, the area also TNK into 173,300 hectares, which consists of the sea area of 132,572 hectares and the land area of 40,728 hectares.

One strong reason to include the sea areas in the region because TNK has a biodiversity of the sea level. According to reports from BTNK, TNK area that has more than 102 species of flora and 185 fauna. However, the potential of the sea conditions the latter is considered threatened due to the damaged fishermen using destructive means of catching, such as bombs, chemical cyanide, and the number of over-catching equipment. Since 1995, The Minister of Forestry and Plantation No. 172/Kpts-II/2000 working with the TNC (The Nature Conservancy) in improving the management capacity and to maintain the sustainability of ecosystems TN Komodo. Furthermore, both good BTNK and TNC, with the plan and program to prevent damage to the ecosystem area TNK, among others, form a floating patrol unit and buy a fleet of fast patrol boats.

In the application of the Decree of the Minister of Forestry and Plantation No. 172/Kpts-II/2000 appeared to reflect the space for the fishermen in the sea. TNK sea area immediately becomes haunted, the sea guarded by the army and Polairud. Many fishermen who have died ditembak in the area of TNK. TNK is the area where that is not free to go fishing to catch fish as before. Now, the fishermen do not go bebasa to catch fish unless a permit to report and take first in the pa apetugas Post TNK Loh Liang, Komodo Island. Fishermen are allowed entry only using rod catch, and in addition to the tool rod catch are not allowed entry again. Furthermore, the prohibition of the use of the type of equipment catching tesebut, arranged in a special Decree No Manggarai Regent. 11 2001.

Repressive approach, as it were to become effective option in the security area TNK. The statement is not only the story, but team members diperagakan floating patrol in the area TNK. View the events that occurred on 10 November 2002, in the waters of Komodo Island, which has been the victim ate two fishermen. The story, at around 23:00 WIB, two fishermen of the village Sape, Kabupaten Bima, named Iye (25) and Zainun (35) ditembak dead on the boat by the patrol motornya float. Meanwhile, the fishermen who still live on the boat motor as much as 14 people arrested and beaten up black-and-blue body on the fast patrol boat named Ora (see report Bima Legislative Team, 2003). In fact, the persecution of the shooting and fishing, and it is not the first time occurred in the area TNK, when viewed from the case of 1980, then recorded as many as 13 people fishing ditembak dead, and dozens of fishermen are treated roughly, as persecuted, beaten, were threatened, and arrested without legal process (see Press Release Contrast, 2003).

There is not a Responsible

Buskin two fishermen dead ditembak Sape, berbuntut long as people Sape, Bima including government officials, demanding that the perpetrators of the shooting and the brain must be brought to justice according to law is prohibited. Local Government also participated in Bima step in establishing a special team to investigate the case of the death of two fishermen in Sape. Unfortunately, the efforts of the Local Government Bima only to the verification phase of the field and shooting. Reports on the investigation, the Regional Government of Bima, and have not been able to open the case and bring to the stage iu further examination.

From the other hand, the death of two fishermen Sape is a consequence of the program BTNK. However, the proponent of the funds and BTNK (TNC) operating the program has been running patrols floating appropriate standard operating procedural. And, on the evening of the shooting was just "an accident" procedural, then the act is the responsibility of private actors and not the responsibility BTNK. Thus, kesannya as if no party is responsible for the case of shooting two fishermen Sape.

However, the views and opinions developed in the community, patrol operations that float under the responsibility BTNK, and get funding support from the TNC. So who is responsible not only the shooting, but also BTNK and TNC must be pertanggungjawabannya. For float operations patrol program is organized and funded by both institutions.

Evidence has been collected. However, there is an impression as if the shooting is protected, and not left out of law. Examination of the case as if the deadlock. Appears to have no political willingness of the Regional Government of Manggarai and local police to the case. Komnas HAM is therefore, not decisive in implementing the tasks and responsibilities. Evidence, to this day, since going down to the field (June 2003), Komnas HAM has not delivered an official report on the results of field investigations on the cases of shooting two fishermen Sape.
Because no one is responsible, the people are angry Sape. Then, they destroyed and burned Pos National Park which is located in the Village of Sape. After that, the pad atanggal 20 January 2003, they menyandera fery passenger ship, which serves routes Village Sape and Labuan Bajo.

Participation Conservation Slogan

When we look back, the steps proposed expansion area TNK also occur by other national parks in Indonesia. In fact, the fishermen themselves did not know that, let alone talk or be involved in the expansion plan of the area with TNK, including Regulation No. 11 of 2001 regarding equipment that can catch and can not be used in the area of TNK. Plan changes the status of the area prepared by TNK all BTNK and TNC. Moreover, fishermen who are in the area is a target that must be changed perilakunya. In the management of TNK merely the preferred and only talk about issues of life-saving and preservation of wild nature in the course.

Meanwhile, there are other facts in the area of TNK, which is approximately 3000 people. They were all very dependent on natural resources in the area of TNK. In the management of TNK area tend to ignore the views that people have beratus years. Kendalanya, not seen in their entirety, but cut its history, and views that only the current condition only. Then, fishermen who are classified as the most serious threat to the surrounding ecosystem sustainability. So not surprisingly then will always appear between the fishermen with the national park management. That is certain and less tersingkir are fishermen.

Approach to participation in the management of TNK region do not occur, but only just slogans. The practice of management is more appropriate TNK repressive approach, creating a sense of fear in the community. However, others are shown or delivered, and reported to the outside community, that all steps have been conducted using a participatory approach. When the management of TNK area has been seriously implement the participatory approach, then why the fishermen who have died in ditembak area TNK?

Therefore, the case of the death of two fishermen Sape should proceed thoroughly and to be decreased according to the applicable law. Then, expanding the area of the sea area TNK should be reviewed according to the views and opinions of the fishermen fishing in the area-TNK. Evaluating and freeze while working relationship with all international agencies involved in the management of problematic Indonesian national park area.

Sukawati art market- Bali

How do shopping by-by for this? Perhaps you also have to get there. Moreover, if not the Sukawati Art Market.

With travel through more than 1 hour from Kuta, you will reach the market in this art that offers a variety of art items with a price much cheaper than other places. May be spelled out as "Malioboro" its Bali.

Barang Bali handicraft many of which are sold here. Start motivated Bali shirt, bed sheet, photo frame, wallet and day-to-day needs of many other sold here. Interestingly, a bid for the hobby, your expertise can be applied.

Kintamani - Bali

Kintamani, the district is located in Bangli, is one of the favorite choice of tourists travel both domestic and abroad.

Generally, in almost all travel agent or tour operator in Bali, Kintamani entry in the itinerary (travel route) after visiting Batu Bulan (Tari Barong), tour the area or Ubud Sukawati as shopping centers.

Kintamani offers the atmosphere of the hills with fresh air temperature around 18 degrees centigrade, the air is similar as in Bedugul. Main attraction of the area is scenic Mount Kintamani and Lake Batur. Mount Batur is a mountain that is still active and are the second highest after Mount Agung at Besakih. The atmosphere is best when enjoy lunch while enjoying the beautiful lakes and mountains that give off smoke friendly.

Interested to know more Kintamani? also yourself Trunyan to visit the village which is located near the lake. But you must menyebrang up to the boat to travel there with about 20 minutes. That is interesting and unique ways of the local cemetery which is different from the prevalence in Bali. Disandarkan corpses buried in the tree without. But a unique autopsy no smell because ternetralkan by the fragrance of wood called Menyan.

Unique is not it? If interested, why not include alternative Kintamani attractions in your vacation? Congratulations on holiday in Bali.


Batik is the art of cloth over the image to clothing made with resist techniques using wax material. The word batik originates from the Javanese language, which means writing. Technique has been to make known since thousands of years back. There is no description of the history is quite clear about the origins of batik. Some suspect this technique comes from the Sumerian nation, and developed in Java after brought by Indian traders. Batick, bathik, battik, batique and batek and the other is a batix batik. At this time batik can be found in many countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Iran. In addition to Asia, batik is also very popular in some countries in the African continent. However, batik, which is very famous in the world of batik is from Indonesia and the development of Pekalongan batik is a national icon, so get the nickname as KOTA BATIK (see: history of batik in Indonesia).

Batik in the present

The tradition is beginning to make on the family tradition kings Indonesia dizaman first. At that time batik is only limited in Palace and the results are king and clothes for the family and its followers. Because many of the cohort who live outside the king's Palace, the art of batik is carried out by them and the Palace is at each.
In its development, batik, which was a symbol of feudalism where Java batik to the king and his family and for the most batik, batik handicraft finally called with the batik is imitated by the people nearest and further extends into the very clothes people tune, both men and women. Originally batik made only on the material with white color made of cotton cloth called mori. These batik cloth that has become traditional in Indonesia also made on other materials such as silk, poliester, rayon and other synthetic materials. Besides, how pembuatannya also changes. In addition to batik, batik is a motif batiknya formed with the hands, is now also have batik cap, batik printing, batik painting and sablon.


Kabupaten Samosir areas have the potential of the tourism-based nature, spiritual tourism, agricultural tourism, cultural tourism, and waters of Lake Toba. Recreational areas are scattered in various areas between the District are:

Kecamatan Simanindo
Kecamatan Pangururan
Kecamatan Sianjur At At
Kecamatan Onan Rungu
Kecamatan Daily
Kecamatan Naninggolan
Sitio kecamatan-tio
Kecamatan Ronggurnihuta
Kecamatan Palipi

Brastagi tourism

Berastagi is the main tourist destinations in the Karo Land located at an altitude of about 4594 feet above sea level and surrounded by rows of mountains, has a cool air from the carpet perladangan pertaniannya a beautiful, broad, green. Brastagi is a tourist destination that has a complete facility in the Karo Land, such as hotels, restaurants, golf and others, to the hotel can charge relatively affordable. Brastagi also known as the city's nickname "Markisa & Jeruk Manis".

From the city "Markisa & Jeruk Manis" Brastagi, the visitors will enjoy spectacular views over the mountains that are still active, namely Sibayak mountain climbing and mountain Sinabung.Untuk Mountain Sibayak take approximately 3 hours drive and we can enjoy the beautiful scenery in mountains, or take 3 to 4 hour trip in the forest to see the wealth in the natural flora and fauna in the forest around it.

Besides fruits, Brastagi also famous as the various types of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Brastagi in the city held several events tourism, among others, "Fruit & Flower Festival" and the cultural festival "party Mejuah-juah" is held every year. Tanah Karo is also a tradition that has been done from generation to generation that is "Year of Work" which is held every year by people who lived in the Karo district or who wander are coming back to villages that have family relationship to each other and visited bersilaturahmi.

the beauty of Bunaken sea

Bunaken marine park which is very popular, with area of 75.26 hectares is located very close to Manado and comprises of 5 islands near the Bunaken, Manado Tua, Siladen, Mantehage, and Nain.

Place this sign in 10 places and occupying the most popular dive in the world to visit and diselami. Spektakular that offers dives to the depth of 100 meters and the sea water is warm, inviting.

Bunaken is one of the most stunning diving in the world. Around Bunaken, many also place a dive is a favorite of divers, whether beginners or professionals. Including Manado Tua, Siladen Island and the Lembeh.

How to Achieve this Region
Various airlines offer flights in Indonesia's big cities (eg, Jakarta) to the city of Manado in Sulawesi. You can also contact the address below for a tour of the special:

PO BOX 1030 Manado 95000
North Sulawesi - INDONESIA
Located on Bunaken island beach Liang
Ph: 62-431-863023 (Our Office on Bunaken)
Contact Person: 62-8124417676 (Mr. Anky)

Place Stay
Lodging and hotels in Manado. Alternatively, the resort beaches on the island of Bunaken.

Explore the coast on foot. For islands, you can take speedboat.

Dining place
Many restaurants and cafes in Manado and the surrounding areas that will offer a variety of seafood. Here you can also enjoy a variety of sweet coconut.

Hand Fruit
Various souvenirs related to the sea, various shells, coral, dst.

Can You See Or Do

Diving, swimming, snorkeling.
Walking on the beach edge.
Try a variety of seafood tantalize.
People of the birds and bird lovers will enjoy a visit to Tangkoko Two Sudara Nature Reserve.
Sampling the tempting seafood cuisine.


Bring your pool clothes, clothes also change. You can rent diving equipment in the Manado area, so you do not need to bring your own equipment, unless you are a professional diver.
Follow a special tour when you want to dive for the first time.

Prambanan Temple

Indonesia is a country that has many historic attractions.
ancient buildings of past times as many temples serve as tourist destination
it is one of the Prambanan Temple
prambanan temple located very near from jogjakarta, probably only about 20 minutes. for solo's probably about 1 hour. but a closer again when Klaten that may be of only 10 minutes in the normal way using the vehicle.

This spectacular temple so until 2008 to get the opportunity to visit three times. expectation when given the opportunity, would like to visit once again in this year 2009.

to enter the temple prambanan the entrance there are 2 ways to buy tickets. a ticket for a local tourist attraction, and one for tourists macanegara. and of course price will be very much different for the price of each ticket is. I do not know, for the owner must KITAS through the door where ...???

my second visit in 2008 just ended at the entrance and parking lot. this is because my friend and the friend asked "what ...???", people who have been clearly explained mengantri nearly 30 minutes in the local tourist counter. only because the skin is slightly different, enough to suspect.

incident which is very grievous one ... we finally decided to sit just sit dipelataran parking while laughing laughing, suspected due to the experience by the nation itself.

addition, there are also additional visitor for carrying the camera / camcorder. until now has not been met for what reason to give more for the cost of bringing a camera or camcorder.

temple prambanan at this time due to repair damaged by the earthquake, and at last visit there, I still have some status in the restoration.

temple at this time the main temple, surrounded by a fence restoration, so it can only see from outside the fence restoration. except for the temple near the exit, nah it can enter into candinya. but if you are improved can be seen only from outside the fence.
This temple was certainly very old one, and no letup mengaggumi me how in the days of old with only bermodalkan stone temple that can so ... a magnificent work that is fantastic.

marrow in this temple are older than even a disney world or Eiffel or burj and is due to be existence. management may be with you, better than the best will be able to popularize this temple.

satisfied after this the temple, provided the exit. walk can corral area prambanan temple. and also do not forget, walking distance to its sizable enough ... besides, must also go through souvenir shops and kiosks ... many

Karapan Sapi Madura

Madurese region is the southern part of indonesian, art tours and many interesting special madurese
, one of which is karapan drive the cows or cow race
Karapan Cow is a very popular event and is held 2 times a month during September to October. This event started at 09.00 WIB in Bangkalan, and Pamekasan Sampang, Madura.
Karapan Cow is the Madurese community pride, especially for the annual championship is usually held by local people after the harvest season in September or October. Final round was held in Pamekasan, Madura, once a year.
Karapan cow is a prestigious event for the community Madura, cattle owners will feel karapan picked up when the social status sapinya can be a champion. Ruminant animals is also used as a means of investment than gold and money. Not surprisingly, when the owner of the cow karapan power will exert every efforts to make cow-sapinya a winner in every season karapan. Simply known, usually from cow karapan Island Sapudi [read: Athletes at the Cow Party Karapan]. Since first, a small island located in the East end of the island of Madura is indeed superior seed gudangnya cattle.

Championship starts from level to level resumed District District and forwarded to ketingkat Karisidenan. Some of the city in Madura karapan holding cattle in August and September each year, with the final bout at the end of September or October in the city Pamekasan : Cup turns to the President.

Kerapan cow to accompany the pair-pair cow corral arena starter accompanied with gamelan saronen called Madura. Really gay, let alone wave seronen feature fusion music sound drum, trumpet, and dances with the gong of the PLAYERS. The musicians are deliberately seronen hired by the owner of the cow. Especially to encourage members and their cow-contingent sapinya before karapan started.

Nature Tourism Lake Toba

Beautiful scenery from the waters of Lake Toba in the morning dawn and drowned. Many point view of Lake Toba which is very interesting because that has not enjoyed priwisata management and the environment that are less good.
Lake Toba is a lake vulkanik of 100km x 30km in North Sumatra, South Sumatra, Indonesia. In the middle there is an island called Pulau Samosir vulkanik.
Lake Toba long since become a key tourist destination in North Sumatra, in addition to Bukit Lawang and Nias, attract domestic and foreign tourists.
Estimated to Lake Toba explosion occurred at around 73000-75000 years ago and is bursting supervolcano (super volcano), which is new. Bill Rose and Craig Chesner from Michigan Technological University estimate that the materials vulkanik a mountain dimuntahkan as 2800km3, 800km3 with ignimbrit rock and 2000km3 gray vulkanik estimated tertiup wind to the west for 2 sunday.

This incident caused the death of the bulk and in some species also followed by extinction. According to some DNA evidence, this eruption also menyusutkan amount up to about thousands of men only.

After the eruption, the kaldera form which is then filled by water and has become now known as Lake Toba. Pressure up by magma that has not come out cause the emergence of Samosir Island.

Depok Beach, enjoy Sea Fresh Fish

Among the other beaches in the area of Bantul, Depok Beach that appear designed to be most central culinary tours to enjoy the sea food. On this beach, there are a number of food stalls selling traditional sea food, in line not far from the coastal edge. Some of the food stalls and even intentionally designed to face south, so while you enjoy seafood, you can see the high seas with a large ombaknya.

Feel typical coastal food stalls and activities Depok Beach fishing has been growing since 10 years ago. According to the story, around 1997, a few fishermen who came from Cilacap to find an adequate place of landing in Depok Beach. The fishermen bring enough of the catch so many people move Depok Beach generally work as a land of farmers to participate in the sand to catch fish.

Some coastal residents are starting to "tekong", his term for the local search of fish. Tekong the sea have capital with a motorboat equipped with an outrigger. Fishing activities carried out almost year round, except on the days that are considered sacred, that is Tuesday and Friday Kliwon Kliwon. Outside the fishing season famine that took place between June - September, the amount of the catch is quite sizable.

Because the amount of catch that is big enough, then the local people are forced to open the Great Fish (PPI), which was then equipped with the Fish Auction Place (TPI) named Mina Bahari 45. Place the fish auction at the beach this even accept deposits fish by the fishermen on the other beaches. When YogYES visit, where the auction is currently visited by many of the tourists.

Along with the many visitors that the beach is 1.5 kilometers from Parangtritis this, then dibukalah stalls to eat sea-food stalls and food. Generally, the food stalls that stood on the beach offers a traditional feel. The building looks simple food stalls with roof limasan, while the seat is designed lesehan use the mats and small tables. Although simple, food stalls are clean and comfortable.

Variety of sea food dishes can dicicipi. Fish meal the most popular and inexpensive is the tuna fish, worth Rp 8,000.00 per kg, equivalent to 5 - 6 fish tails. Other species of fish that can be enjoyed is kakap kakap red and white with the price range Rp 17,000.00 - Rp 25,000.00 per kilogram. Types of fish that the price is quite expensive Bawal, at 27,000.00 IDR - Rp 60,000 per kilogram. Besides fish, there are also crabs, shrimp and squid.

Sea food dishes are usually cooked with fried or burned. If you want to memesannya, you can go to the fish auction place to order fish or other marine catch. After that, you will usually be transported to one of the food stalls on the beach by one of the residents. Not to worry the price will be expensive, a pound of fish such as tuna plus drinks that taste YogYES, sold only Rp 22,000.00 including cook service.

Puas enjoy sea food, you can go out to the beach and turn right toward the direction Parangkusumo and Parangtritis. There, you will see a rare natural scenery and stunning, the gumuk sand. Gumuk sand on the beach this is the only one in Southeast Asia and is a phenomenon that is rarely found in tropical regions. Here, you can enjoy the wide carpet of sand, like in a desert.

Gumuk sand beach near Depok form for thousands of years through a process that is quite unique. First, there are various types of form, the barchan Dune, Dune comb, parabolic and longitudinal Dune Dune. Currently, only some of the tedapat, the longitudinal and barchan. Sea breeze and steep hills to the east of the sand fly activity at Merapi terendap land near the river, forming the dune or gumuk.

To enjoy seafood while gumuk of the sand, you can route through the same Parangtritis from Yogyakarta. After reaching near post Parangtritis retribution, you can turn right onto the beach to Depok. Cost of entry to the beach only Depok Rp 4000.00 for two people and one motorcycle. When you bring a car, you will be charged Rp 5000.00 plus the cost of individual