Monumen Bajra Sandhi

District / City: Denpasar
Bajra Sandhi Monument is the Bali People's Struggle to attention on the hero and a symbol of the soul hotbed preserving Balinese people's struggle from generation to generation and from time to time that can provide innovation and inspiration in filling and maintaining the regularity of Unity RI. Location of the monument is located in front of the Head of Regional Office of Governor of Bali Province, also in front of the Bali Provincial Legislative Building Niti Mandala Renon persisnya Field Puputan in Renon.

The entire data area monuments quadrangular square with the draft Tri Mandala:
1. As Main Mandala is the / most of the building
2. As Madya Mandala is the orbit of Main Mandala
3. Mandala as the snake is the most outside the orbit Madya Mandala

Building on the Main building monuments Mandala arranged into 3 floors:
Main Utamaning Mandala is a 3 floor berposisi top of the space functions as a quiet calm, tranquil, serene place to enjoy the atmosphere around the monument distance.
Mandala is Madyaning Main floor 2 functions as a place diaroma which amounted to 33 units. Floor 2 (two) as a place to display this miniature Balinese people struggle from time to time. On the outside of the round this room, there is a porch or terrace to enjoy the open atmosphere around.
Mandala is Nistaning Main Building ground floor of the monument, there is a space of information, keperpustakaan space, exhibition space, meeting rooms, administrative space, the building and toilet. The middle of the room there is a lake called Tasik as the navel, and eight pole exalted ascend the stairs also shaped tread virgin.

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