Batur Area

District / City: Bangli
Name 0byek Tourism Regions Batur tailored to the potential of the Mount Batur and Lake Batur. Pura Batur, whose name comes from the name of Mount Batur, Pura is one of the Sad Khayangan be cared by the village of Batur. Erupt Gunung Batur year 1917, the temple which was located in the foothills along the western side of the village moved to a place that can look sekarang.Dari Penelokan blue Lake Batur and foam-foam waves that aside. In the area and the many boat which serve the tourists and passengers in every public crossing of Kedisan Village to Village Trunyan. Fishermen busy fish and fish mujair results tangkapannya in Bangli regency to take to make food that is typical Bangli sate mujair. Batur area was the height of 900 m above sea level with cool temperature during the day and cold at night. If you go from the capital city area and the Province is +65 km from the capital of Bangli +23 km far. Pura Batur is a Hindu place of worship in all people, especially Bali Bali Central, North East and seeking safety in the area of rice field.

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