Tondano Lake

Lake of the historic and the biggest lie in one of the Minahasa high indeed feasible in this visit. Padang - the green of the broad to the lakeside, and a number of restaurants bermenu roasted fish on the shores of Lake teresmbul where you can eat the fish roasted in a hidangkan with kangkung tumis. Do not forget to try DABU-DABU, a spicy samal made of sliced red pepper, tomato and onion.

The largest lake in the region, the inte pleteau Scenic area is well worth a visit. Fertile rice paddies leads towards the lake's edge and numorous fish restaurants are dotted upon the Lakeside where you can sample baked goldfish (koi fish) served with fresh water spinach. Dont forget to try with fiery DABU-DABU, a local accompaniment to the fish consisting of choped chillies, tomatoes and spring onions.

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