Ratu Port

Pelabuhan Ratu - Ombak never equal in the eyes of people.
Sea waves that produce thundering voice that always makes an impression apart. There are amazed, some are curious. People also have fear. Usually, they fear being associated with something smelly mystical. Of course, almost everyone seemed to converge to the beach when the wave. The tersaji fit together around the beautiful panorama.

Pelabuhan Ratu Jakarta and around 130 kilometers. You will not regret the journey long enough to achieve this captivating area. Pretty beach, typical marine food seriously tempt. A queen will certainly enjoy the visit to Pelabuhan Ratu like you also, of course.

Dining place
Choose restaurants that offer a variety of seafood. You can also select and buy fish, shrimp, squid, crabs in short, all the raw materials from the sea, and ask for restaurants memasakkannya you.

Can You See Or Do

* Walk the beach
* Swimming
* Visit the TPI Fish Auction Place to buy fresh seafood with a cheaper price
* Playing games at the beach building sand castles or collect shellfish really fun to do!
* Visit the hot water bathing Cisolok
* Hunting fruit durian fruit and other tropical-fruit.

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