Muara Kuin The market float

Market float Muara Kuin Traditional Market is located on the river in the Barito river estuary Kuin, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. Traders and buyers use jukung, a boat in Banjar. This market after the start until after the dawn prayer at 07:00 am. Sunrise reflective transaction between the vegetables and the gardens of villages along the river and Barito river children.
The atmosphere and activities of the market

With panoramanya witness, as if tourists are sightseeing. Jukung-jukung laden with cargo of merchandise vegetables, fruits, fish and all sorts of different needs of households available in the market float. When the sun began to appear gradually also began menyepi market, the traders also began to go leave the market float to bring the results with satisfaction.

The atmosphere of the market and float the unique characteristic is the thrust of boats large and small buyers find each other and the seller always berseliweran more shaky here and always played Barito river waves. Market float does not have organizations such as the market in the mainland, so it does not record how many traders and visitors to the merchant or bersarkan merchandise.

Vendors that sell boating results of the production itself or neighbors called the hamlet, while the second-hand purchase of a hamlet called for re-sale panyambangan. Keistemewaan this market is still often barter transactions between the traders boating, which is in a language called Banjar bapanduk, something unique and rare.

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