the beauty of Bunaken sea

Bunaken marine park which is very popular, with area of 75.26 hectares is located very close to Manado and comprises of 5 islands near the Bunaken, Manado Tua, Siladen, Mantehage, and Nain.

Place this sign in 10 places and occupying the most popular dive in the world to visit and diselami. Spektakular that offers dives to the depth of 100 meters and the sea water is warm, inviting.

Bunaken is one of the most stunning diving in the world. Around Bunaken, many also place a dive is a favorite of divers, whether beginners or professionals. Including Manado Tua, Siladen Island and the Lembeh.

How to Achieve this Region
Various airlines offer flights in Indonesia's big cities (eg, Jakarta) to the city of Manado in Sulawesi. You can also contact the address below for a tour of the special:

PO BOX 1030 Manado 95000
North Sulawesi - INDONESIA
Located on Bunaken island beach Liang
Ph: 62-431-863023 (Our Office on Bunaken)
Contact Person: 62-8124417676 (Mr. Anky)

Place Stay
Lodging and hotels in Manado. Alternatively, the resort beaches on the island of Bunaken.

Explore the coast on foot. For islands, you can take speedboat.

Dining place
Many restaurants and cafes in Manado and the surrounding areas that will offer a variety of seafood. Here you can also enjoy a variety of sweet coconut.

Hand Fruit
Various souvenirs related to the sea, various shells, coral, dst.

Can You See Or Do

Diving, swimming, snorkeling.
Walking on the beach edge.
Try a variety of seafood tantalize.
People of the birds and bird lovers will enjoy a visit to Tangkoko Two Sudara Nature Reserve.
Sampling the tempting seafood cuisine.


Bring your pool clothes, clothes also change. You can rent diving equipment in the Manado area, so you do not need to bring your own equipment, unless you are a professional diver.
Follow a special tour when you want to dive for the first time.

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