Brastagi tourism

Berastagi is the main tourist destinations in the Karo Land located at an altitude of about 4594 feet above sea level and surrounded by rows of mountains, has a cool air from the carpet perladangan pertaniannya a beautiful, broad, green. Brastagi is a tourist destination that has a complete facility in the Karo Land, such as hotels, restaurants, golf and others, to the hotel can charge relatively affordable. Brastagi also known as the city's nickname "Markisa & Jeruk Manis".

From the city "Markisa & Jeruk Manis" Brastagi, the visitors will enjoy spectacular views over the mountains that are still active, namely Sibayak mountain climbing and mountain Sinabung.Untuk Mountain Sibayak take approximately 3 hours drive and we can enjoy the beautiful scenery in mountains, or take 3 to 4 hour trip in the forest to see the wealth in the natural flora and fauna in the forest around it.

Besides fruits, Brastagi also famous as the various types of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Brastagi in the city held several events tourism, among others, "Fruit & Flower Festival" and the cultural festival "party Mejuah-juah" is held every year. Tanah Karo is also a tradition that has been done from generation to generation that is "Year of Work" which is held every year by people who lived in the Karo district or who wander are coming back to villages that have family relationship to each other and visited bersilaturahmi.

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