Prambanan Temple

Indonesia is a country that has many historic attractions.
ancient buildings of past times as many temples serve as tourist destination
it is one of the Prambanan Temple
prambanan temple located very near from jogjakarta, probably only about 20 minutes. for solo's probably about 1 hour. but a closer again when Klaten that may be of only 10 minutes in the normal way using the vehicle.

This spectacular temple so until 2008 to get the opportunity to visit three times. expectation when given the opportunity, would like to visit once again in this year 2009.

to enter the temple prambanan the entrance there are 2 ways to buy tickets. a ticket for a local tourist attraction, and one for tourists macanegara. and of course price will be very much different for the price of each ticket is. I do not know, for the owner must KITAS through the door where ...???

my second visit in 2008 just ended at the entrance and parking lot. this is because my friend and the friend asked "what ...???", people who have been clearly explained mengantri nearly 30 minutes in the local tourist counter. only because the skin is slightly different, enough to suspect.

incident which is very grievous one ... we finally decided to sit just sit dipelataran parking while laughing laughing, suspected due to the experience by the nation itself.

addition, there are also additional visitor for carrying the camera / camcorder. until now has not been met for what reason to give more for the cost of bringing a camera or camcorder.

temple prambanan at this time due to repair damaged by the earthquake, and at last visit there, I still have some status in the restoration.

temple at this time the main temple, surrounded by a fence restoration, so it can only see from outside the fence restoration. except for the temple near the exit, nah it can enter into candinya. but if you are improved can be seen only from outside the fence.
This temple was certainly very old one, and no letup mengaggumi me how in the days of old with only bermodalkan stone temple that can so ... a magnificent work that is fantastic.

marrow in this temple are older than even a disney world or Eiffel or burj and is due to be existence. management may be with you, better than the best will be able to popularize this temple.

satisfied after this the temple, provided the exit. walk can corral area prambanan temple. and also do not forget, walking distance to its sizable enough ... besides, must also go through souvenir shops and kiosks ... many

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