Batik is the art of cloth over the image to clothing made with resist techniques using wax material. The word batik originates from the Javanese language, which means writing. Technique has been to make known since thousands of years back. There is no description of the history is quite clear about the origins of batik. Some suspect this technique comes from the Sumerian nation, and developed in Java after brought by Indian traders. Batick, bathik, battik, batique and batek and the other is a batix batik. At this time batik can be found in many countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Iran. In addition to Asia, batik is also very popular in some countries in the African continent. However, batik, which is very famous in the world of batik is from Indonesia and the development of Pekalongan batik is a national icon, so get the nickname as KOTA BATIK (see: history of batik in Indonesia).

Batik in the present

The tradition is beginning to make on the family tradition kings Indonesia dizaman first. At that time batik is only limited in Palace and the results are king and clothes for the family and its followers. Because many of the cohort who live outside the king's Palace, the art of batik is carried out by them and the Palace is at each.
In its development, batik, which was a symbol of feudalism where Java batik to the king and his family and for the most batik, batik handicraft finally called with the batik is imitated by the people nearest and further extends into the very clothes people tune, both men and women. Originally batik made only on the material with white color made of cotton cloth called mori. These batik cloth that has become traditional in Indonesia also made on other materials such as silk, poliester, rayon and other synthetic materials. Besides, how pembuatannya also changes. In addition to batik, batik is a motif batiknya formed with the hands, is now also have batik cap, batik printing, batik painting and sablon.

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