Gantang Stone Mountain

Stone mountain, this is one of the tourism Ketapang that have not been many. Giant pile of stone is a natural phenomenon miracle.
Kec community. Bent mountain is named with the name "Mount bushel" because that is shaped like a bushel penyukat tool (penakar) rice. It's also called the "Power Hill" because when viewed from the other side often change, so we terpedaya, the hill disebutlah with power.
Many of the mysteries that have not been revealed from the mountain rock, the geological processes and events of this stone is not much revealed. In addition, no less interesting diversity of flora and fauna in this area is very interesting to be inspected.

According to the Notes in the World KIPDE international and national level, especially pemanjat the cliffs, the long hill with a "camel Hill" because the shape is similar to the camelback, berpunak-punak. With steep slope that has become a challenge for the pemanjat edge, so at the national and international area is already included in the list of their agenda.
To go to this area can be a vehicle through the water with boat speed through the district. Hilir Sungai Simping and Melano. It also can be by road, from either direction and through Kendawangan Kec. Tumbang Titi.

Penujang other facilities for the traveler is still limited, located in the remote district of accommodation and facilities so that restaurants do not yet exist. But as already known in the world, it is not too difficult if we sell the name of this hill to the tourists, especially peminat rock climbing, nature pencita and researchers.

Local government also began to improve road facilities to the area, some roads are also under way across to go to this district, so that will shorten the distance. Is still need to gradually, because there is still much to be ditangai kabupaten governments.

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