Karapan Sapi Madura

Madurese region is the southern part of indonesian, art tours and many interesting special madurese
, one of which is karapan drive the cows or cow race
Karapan Cow is a very popular event and is held 2 times a month during September to October. This event started at 09.00 WIB in Bangkalan, and Pamekasan Sampang, Madura.
Karapan Cow is the Madurese community pride, especially for the annual championship is usually held by local people after the harvest season in September or October. Final round was held in Pamekasan, Madura, once a year.
Karapan cow is a prestigious event for the community Madura, cattle owners will feel karapan picked up when the social status sapinya can be a champion. Ruminant animals is also used as a means of investment than gold and money. Not surprisingly, when the owner of the cow karapan power will exert every efforts to make cow-sapinya a winner in every season karapan. Simply known, usually from cow karapan Island Sapudi [read: Athletes at the Cow Party Karapan]. Since first, a small island located in the East end of the island of Madura is indeed superior seed gudangnya cattle.

Championship starts from level to level resumed District District and forwarded to ketingkat Karisidenan. Some of the city in Madura karapan holding cattle in August and September each year, with the final bout at the end of September or October in the city Pamekasan : Cup turns to the President.

Kerapan cow to accompany the pair-pair cow corral arena starter accompanied with gamelan saronen called Madura. Really gay, let alone wave seronen feature fusion music sound drum, trumpet, and dances with the gong of the PLAYERS. The musicians are deliberately seronen hired by the owner of the cow. Especially to encourage members and their cow-contingent sapinya before karapan started.

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