Menhir Mahat

Menhir is a historical building which is called a dead stone. Usually used as a spirit ancestor veneration by the people who embrace the era of stone animism belief. Menhir (standing stone) was built in various forms in accordance with the purpose of worship as people in those times believed that the spirit of the ancestors have a strong influence on community life. Therefore menhir built in accordance with the purpose of worship to be conducted. Menhir monuments as ancient history is evidence of the value of life that has developed in the first.

Mahat is also known site will be the era of rock called the Menhir. Menhir in Mahat few in number and location of more than 200 units. Karna the Menhir, Nagari this could be rated in the Old nagari Payakumbuh. Nagari old who used to be taboo is still thick and restrictions. Thick will still rule in a very traditional junjung layer by high society. Small still remember the time I go west kesurau beramai busy. Parents prayer in congregation in mosques and holy verse resonance routine reads the Koran at night. I feel mengasyikan home mengaji busy road beramai the torch lighting from coconut leaves tied. (Listarik signed in 1997). Candaan home mengaji will usually frighten each other lurid stories stories. For example the story of haunted places that will be passed. Hantu perlintasan place or places perlintasan wild animals such as Pigs forest or relax. And exhilaration after mengaji satisfaction is withdrawn will be the beautiful little Pertemanan time.

About ghost stories and haunted places are not longer in the era of foreign first. But now the era of talking about whether the ghost is still reliable? Karna generation is now growing in the era of technology and the mind of a logical view of the far future technology updates. Place was considered to be haunted is to be changed to housing residents. Large trees are no longer in tebang for a development. The road was quiet and dark now change to the way a noisy motor will roar and the car lights and lighting the way home and every street corner that will be prone to accidents. Pitopang for the tribe, the Blood scattered on arrival in arrival in the home or the home page is not as strange premonition that he (supernatural Being) has come. However, since the technology is entering the increasingly rare.

A custom in some villages nagari mahat if the Night takbiran diadakanlah an event "Badikia" in the mosque. "Badikia" the sentence of God melafazkan while accompanied by tambourine wasp. Usually, this event starts at 9 or 10 at night. This event is also in selingi eat rice with sticky rice is cooked by the mother deliberately mother near the mosque. Ditengan event "Badikia" about 11 hours with the sound dikejutkan replication "Badikia" which sounded gemanya by many villagers. Originally People "Badikia" in the mosque does not sound too off echo reply "badikia" enough nerindingkan bulu rome. Long run, but the sound of replication "badikia" increasingly loud voice accompany 'Badikia "in the mosque. Echo boom tambourine sounded loud over the sound person "badikia" in the hard mesjid.Semakin "badikia" in the mosque also be hard sahutannya. Participants' Badikia "uproar in the mosque. There are mosques disuatu initiative of the "badikia" 12 hours of the night they karna "badikia" semakain also hard to hear the sound of "Badikia" from the hill reel. Youth is more fun in the shop merinding mother and mother who want to cook in the kitchen of fear. Sound source Gempar karna "badikia" the voice gemanya rival 'badikia "in the mosque came from Tebing that seems to be as being where" Bunian "in the language known as Jin. That place called "Hill reel." Youth who was sitting there dikedai not dare return to the fear karna hear sound echo wasp tambourine and drum of the "Bukit reel." Sound is heard until the morning. Started about 11 pm and ended at the morning feast of Idul Fitri day 04: 30. Strange and rare occurrence that a public discussion topic. Perhaps also often used to hear the sound of the voice and Gong talempong from a trusted place where the community as a place to stay being bunian and they do not feel strange hearing. Usually the trust I hear a local landmark is something going to happen. Whether good or bad events only people who know that dituakan. And now, right at takbiran and ended dipagi Idul Fitri, the incident occurred again. Be strange indeed if in this sense but the actual incident that occurred at Takbiran. Precisely tuesday night, 30 September and ended early morning prayer Idul Fitri, 1oktober 2008. Believe or not is only logical mind each of us can answer it

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