Komodo Island

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Komodo Island is often visited the island and are on the island of Komodo parakomodo foreign and local tourists. On the island we can see various animals such as the cassowary, partridge, wild boar, Deer, Horses Forest, and Komodo. The beauty of Komodo Island with the fresh air and green tumbuhannya that make us stand in the island.

Travel To Komodo Island can through Labuan Bajo. From Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island at around 3 hours that will be traveling with the boat motor.
Facilities provided in the full boat will not make us tired, let alone you can see the islands without the trip to the island of Komodo.

Komodo Island, including one of a group of islands in the Komodo National Park west Flores, precisely in the Manggarai Barat. Most who are interested in travel to Komodo Island or Park Komodo National Park is the kind of share the view that the activities carried out by the Ancient animals and other animals in their own habitat.

Not only witnessed the activity made multiformity binatang2 who are in the Komodo National Park, we also can do other activities, such as the Komodo Island Diving. Diverse Tumbuhan sea, Coral Sea marine animals, and the beauty of the sea will memesona your heart.

Komodo National Park (TNK) was formed in 1980, initially covering only two large islands, namely Pulau Komodo and Rinca Island. Both this island to be designated as national parks have a unique type of wild life of the ancient lizard, or Komodo (Varanus Komodoensis). Then in 2000, the Ministry of Forestry to approve the proposed expansion area TNK stipulated in Decree of the Minister of Forestry and Plantation Tax 172/Kpts-II/2000. Thus, the area also TNK into 173,300 hectares, which consists of the sea area of 132,572 hectares and the land area of 40,728 hectares.

One strong reason to include the sea areas in the region because TNK has a biodiversity of the sea level. According to reports from BTNK, TNK area that has more than 102 species of flora and 185 fauna. However, the potential of the sea conditions the latter is considered threatened due to the damaged fishermen using destructive means of catching, such as bombs, chemical cyanide, and the number of over-catching equipment. Since 1995, The Minister of Forestry and Plantation No. 172/Kpts-II/2000 working with the TNC (The Nature Conservancy) in improving the management capacity and to maintain the sustainability of ecosystems TN Komodo. Furthermore, both good BTNK and TNC, with the plan and program to prevent damage to the ecosystem area TNK, among others, form a floating patrol unit and buy a fleet of fast patrol boats.

In the application of the Decree of the Minister of Forestry and Plantation No. 172/Kpts-II/2000 appeared to reflect the space for the fishermen in the sea. TNK sea area immediately becomes haunted, the sea guarded by the army and Polairud. Many fishermen who have died ditembak in the area of TNK. TNK is the area where that is not free to go fishing to catch fish as before. Now, the fishermen do not go bebasa to catch fish unless a permit to report and take first in the pa apetugas Post TNK Loh Liang, Komodo Island. Fishermen are allowed entry only using rod catch, and in addition to the tool rod catch are not allowed entry again. Furthermore, the prohibition of the use of the type of equipment catching tesebut, arranged in a special Decree No Manggarai Regent. 11 2001.

Repressive approach, as it were to become effective option in the security area TNK. The statement is not only the story, but team members diperagakan floating patrol in the area TNK. View the events that occurred on 10 November 2002, in the waters of Komodo Island, which has been the victim ate two fishermen. The story, at around 23:00 WIB, two fishermen of the village Sape, Kabupaten Bima, named Iye (25) and Zainun (35) ditembak dead on the boat by the patrol motornya float. Meanwhile, the fishermen who still live on the boat motor as much as 14 people arrested and beaten up black-and-blue body on the fast patrol boat named Ora (see report Bima Legislative Team, 2003). In fact, the persecution of the shooting and fishing, and it is not the first time occurred in the area TNK, when viewed from the case of 1980, then recorded as many as 13 people fishing ditembak dead, and dozens of fishermen are treated roughly, as persecuted, beaten, were threatened, and arrested without legal process (see Press Release Contrast, 2003).

There is not a Responsible

Buskin two fishermen dead ditembak Sape, berbuntut long as people Sape, Bima including government officials, demanding that the perpetrators of the shooting and the brain must be brought to justice according to law is prohibited. Local Government also participated in Bima step in establishing a special team to investigate the case of the death of two fishermen in Sape. Unfortunately, the efforts of the Local Government Bima only to the verification phase of the field and shooting. Reports on the investigation, the Regional Government of Bima, and have not been able to open the case and bring to the stage iu further examination.

From the other hand, the death of two fishermen Sape is a consequence of the program BTNK. However, the proponent of the funds and BTNK (TNC) operating the program has been running patrols floating appropriate standard operating procedural. And, on the evening of the shooting was just "an accident" procedural, then the act is the responsibility of private actors and not the responsibility BTNK. Thus, kesannya as if no party is responsible for the case of shooting two fishermen Sape.

However, the views and opinions developed in the community, patrol operations that float under the responsibility BTNK, and get funding support from the TNC. So who is responsible not only the shooting, but also BTNK and TNC must be pertanggungjawabannya. For float operations patrol program is organized and funded by both institutions.

Evidence has been collected. However, there is an impression as if the shooting is protected, and not left out of law. Examination of the case as if the deadlock. Appears to have no political willingness of the Regional Government of Manggarai and local police to the case. Komnas HAM is therefore, not decisive in implementing the tasks and responsibilities. Evidence, to this day, since going down to the field (June 2003), Komnas HAM has not delivered an official report on the results of field investigations on the cases of shooting two fishermen Sape.
Because no one is responsible, the people are angry Sape. Then, they destroyed and burned Pos National Park which is located in the Village of Sape. After that, the pad atanggal 20 January 2003, they menyandera fery passenger ship, which serves routes Village Sape and Labuan Bajo.

Participation Conservation Slogan

When we look back, the steps proposed expansion area TNK also occur by other national parks in Indonesia. In fact, the fishermen themselves did not know that, let alone talk or be involved in the expansion plan of the area with TNK, including Regulation No. 11 of 2001 regarding equipment that can catch and can not be used in the area of TNK. Plan changes the status of the area prepared by TNK all BTNK and TNC. Moreover, fishermen who are in the area is a target that must be changed perilakunya. In the management of TNK merely the preferred and only talk about issues of life-saving and preservation of wild nature in the course.

Meanwhile, there are other facts in the area of TNK, which is approximately 3000 people. They were all very dependent on natural resources in the area of TNK. In the management of TNK area tend to ignore the views that people have beratus years. Kendalanya, not seen in their entirety, but cut its history, and views that only the current condition only. Then, fishermen who are classified as the most serious threat to the surrounding ecosystem sustainability. So not surprisingly then will always appear between the fishermen with the national park management. That is certain and less tersingkir are fishermen.

Approach to participation in the management of TNK region do not occur, but only just slogans. The practice of management is more appropriate TNK repressive approach, creating a sense of fear in the community. However, others are shown or delivered, and reported to the outside community, that all steps have been conducted using a participatory approach. When the management of TNK area has been seriously implement the participatory approach, then why the fishermen who have died in ditembak area TNK?

Therefore, the case of the death of two fishermen Sape should proceed thoroughly and to be decreased according to the applicable law. Then, expanding the area of the sea area TNK should be reviewed according to the views and opinions of the fishermen fishing in the area-TNK. Evaluating and freeze while working relationship with all international agencies involved in the management of problematic Indonesian national park area.

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