Semayang Lake Dan Melintang Lake

Lake and Lake Semayang cross located not far from Kota Bangun. Two Lake will ignites when the water flow down Mahakam River. But when the Mahakam River water ride in the night, these two separate lakes.
Semayang lake is located on the left and the right transverse Lake.

This lake Didua tourists can enjoy the carpet of the river water is also quiet and birds chirp. Natural beauty of this peak at the time of sunrise and sunset. As if sun-up and sinking of the jungle island of Kalimantan. Didua this lake there are also fish species pesut the dolphins fresh water which is very rarely found.

In addition to the area as a nature tourism, Lake and Lake Semayang also be a source of cross livelihood for village residents and village Semayang Kenohan Pela.

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