Dayak - borneo

Dayak tribe is the original area east kalimantan, kalimantan quite cool in the external ear, known as Kalimantan Borneo.
Pampang Village, there is a long house typical Dayak Kenyah who became the center of life and culture in the village. Magnificent buildings and terawat tidy, standing in a neat terrain that large. Each Sunday, the people serve the arts attractions. Samarinda Many residents and visitors who come to see this cultural treat.

Along the main road to the village also some shops and stalls that offer a variety of cooperative handicraft goods and souvenirs typical Dayak Kenyah.

In this village we can see one of the tribal culture of Dayak wisawatan to be special.

There, visitors can view showtimes and cultural Dayak tribe dances around more than 2 hours, held at the custom house. In addition, you can see directly the life of the Dayak people.

After watching showtimes can also berfoto with dancers or with the Dayak people who berkuping long. Once an image, you must dive Rp.25.000 of pocket. Or if want to wear traditional berfoto for themselves, pay only Rp.15.000, -.

The village is a settlement Pampang Dayak Kenyah tribe that is located on the fringe of the city Samarinda, only a few kilometers deh like pity. The incoming administration is still Samarinda City, what is wrong. In this village there every sunday afternoon art community Dayak Kenyah. at that time we can see those old Dayak tribe ear with a long and large earrings. They are present in the House which is the length of the location performance. It also sold a variety of craft works Pampang villagers, in the form of headdress, traditional clothes, some key etc., all of which make up beads

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