Transport in Bali

Traffic situation

Traffic is crazy in Bali, especially because the roads are overcrowded, especially in the south around Kuta, and especially at the rush hours in the morning and evening. Also there seems to be no rules, or no one seems to know the rules. The traffic has simply a flow. But ok, there are some rules, but they will not be written down somewhere:

  • The bigger wins (most important rule), so never try to get the priority from a bus or any bigger vehicle.
  • If you cross a small road use the warnung lights it means you want to cross the road and go straight.
  • If you flash your light it means you want to force your way - not you are giving priority (as you might be used to e.g. in Europe).

Petrol prices

Petrol prices in Bali are among the cheapest in Asia, with about 50 Eurocents per litre premium.

Motor bike rental:

You can rent a cheap bike for about 10,000 Rupiah per day, this is very cheap (it is about 1 USD). The traffic has a flow, and it needs some kind of experience to drive in this traffic. As hospitals are not so good - here in Bali, it is recommendable to hire a car, it is also very cheap - and you can share it.

Just you should not have a motor bike accident here - look carefully around and see those people with one leg, or with heavy accidents and think. Or just ask any guy from here if he knows a friend with a heavy accident.

Car rental:

For one day you pay for a modern 4 seater Toyota about 200,000 Rupiah per day. If you rent the same car for 4 weeks, it will come down to 110,000 Rupiah or eventually 100,000 per day (including an insurance). For the cheapest, a two seater Suzuki Jeep it will come down to 75,000 Rupiah/day. Be careful, most old and cheaper cars do not have an insurance with it. Car with driver comes up to 400,000 Rupiah a day.

Apropos insurance: Strange, but most cars and vehicles in Bali have no insurance. So, only if you rent a newer car they will come with an insurance. And even this insurance might have an own part of USD 750, which you have to pay as your contribution.

OK, basically you will need a car to go around, with our without driver. You can call Putu Tirrta Wirsata (0062 81 23904268), he will pick you up at the airport and give you a fair price. An alternative is a guy called OBIE and his number is 0062 361 701864. With both you need to negotiate. With driver expect 30 to 50 EUR, without driver 10 to 12 EUR a day. Dont'f forget to tune in 98.5 FM - the best radio in town.


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