Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Garden Station was established in 1864 and moved in Cikini to Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta in 1966. Markets Ragunan garden is inhabited by more than 260 types of animals, including animals of rare and endangered from Indonesia and some of the world.

Come and skip day-to-day with a beautiful family and your friends at the Park Station Ragunan. Is the place that is fun to travel and you will surely also impressed on the heritage of Indonesia Margasatwa of us that is unique.Zoo entrance ticket you can buy at Rp 4000, - for adults and Rp 3.000, - for children. Animals that are here just as full a range of birds (bird pelikan, peacock, eagle, etc.), various Primate (monkey, bekantan, etc.), various types of snakes, honey bears, elephants, deer, camels, kudanil, bison, bats. For wild animals, you can see the tiger, white tiger, lion, crocodile, bear. In addition to viewing the animals, you can also invite your child to play in the children's playground, where there are a variety of games and games from various balloon.

At the zoo there is also this "Schmutzer Primate Center." You must purchase tickets at Rp 5,000, - to go to the place. This place is special to display different kinds of Primate with a different atmosphere and there is a museum Primate to increase knowledge of children. The first time you log in, we have to climb stairs, and then from above we can see the gorilla the size of humans. Primate others here who have, among other gibbon, hoop, white monkey, and various other types.

There are also "the Orang Utan," here we enter the long and dark tunnel that is made like a cave, where between each section separated by a rope-a rope-like roots of trees. On-hand side of the tunnel appears to be a thick glass so that we can see the Orang Utan outside.

Once out of the tunnel, we can climb a tree house that is running high among trees or through suspension bridge. On the other hand, there is a balinese garden. Places like this are made balinese atmosphere. There is also a playground for children, such as swaying, the trees can dipanjat, bergelantung rope or play in the sand.

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