Coastal area of this watery liquid with a wavelength and a small white sand is the perfect place for those who love playing on the beach, beach beselancar and colley.
To push up the number of tourist visits to Balikpapan, Office Tourism continues berbenah. Manggar on the beach, for example, which is a tourism object Balikpapan mainstay, will be addressed gradually. For years this is the second phase of the program pembenahan that have been done since 2006.

"During the first phase ago that still have not finished, so be on the second stage. Such as paving block manufacture attraction for all who have not finished, "said the Head Office Tourism Balikpapan Oemy Facessly.

Added, in this second phase that will renovate benahi among the traders, block paving the parking lot, making the attraction of art, bathroom, musala, Rinse room, a place to plant trees (IM), and more. Manggar the main beach will be beautiful and beautiful.

"In the second stage pembenahan public facilities, the funds budgeted Rp 1.9 billion. Waiting to be lived. Clear that local and foreign tourists came to the Balikpapan attractions if good, "he added.

Plan on pembenahan this second phase, Manggar Beach will be a special icon. According Oemy, will be made a statue of gold fish at 5 meters so that the symbol Manggar Beach.

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