Depok Beach, enjoy Sea Fresh Fish

Among the other beaches in the area of Bantul, Depok Beach that appear designed to be most central culinary tours to enjoy the sea food. On this beach, there are a number of food stalls selling traditional sea food, in line not far from the coastal edge. Some of the food stalls and even intentionally designed to face south, so while you enjoy seafood, you can see the high seas with a large ombaknya.

Feel typical coastal food stalls and activities Depok Beach fishing has been growing since 10 years ago. According to the story, around 1997, a few fishermen who came from Cilacap to find an adequate place of landing in Depok Beach. The fishermen bring enough of the catch so many people move Depok Beach generally work as a land of farmers to participate in the sand to catch fish.

Some coastal residents are starting to "tekong", his term for the local search of fish. Tekong the sea have capital with a motorboat equipped with an outrigger. Fishing activities carried out almost year round, except on the days that are considered sacred, that is Tuesday and Friday Kliwon Kliwon. Outside the fishing season famine that took place between June - September, the amount of the catch is quite sizable.

Because the amount of catch that is big enough, then the local people are forced to open the Great Fish (PPI), which was then equipped with the Fish Auction Place (TPI) named Mina Bahari 45. Place the fish auction at the beach this even accept deposits fish by the fishermen on the other beaches. When YogYES visit, where the auction is currently visited by many of the tourists.

Along with the many visitors that the beach is 1.5 kilometers from Parangtritis this, then dibukalah stalls to eat sea-food stalls and food. Generally, the food stalls that stood on the beach offers a traditional feel. The building looks simple food stalls with roof limasan, while the seat is designed lesehan use the mats and small tables. Although simple, food stalls are clean and comfortable.

Variety of sea food dishes can dicicipi. Fish meal the most popular and inexpensive is the tuna fish, worth Rp 8,000.00 per kg, equivalent to 5 - 6 fish tails. Other species of fish that can be enjoyed is kakap kakap red and white with the price range Rp 17,000.00 - Rp 25,000.00 per kilogram. Types of fish that the price is quite expensive Bawal, at 27,000.00 IDR - Rp 60,000 per kilogram. Besides fish, there are also crabs, shrimp and squid.

Sea food dishes are usually cooked with fried or burned. If you want to memesannya, you can go to the fish auction place to order fish or other marine catch. After that, you will usually be transported to one of the food stalls on the beach by one of the residents. Not to worry the price will be expensive, a pound of fish such as tuna plus drinks that taste YogYES, sold only Rp 22,000.00 including cook service.

Puas enjoy sea food, you can go out to the beach and turn right toward the direction Parangkusumo and Parangtritis. There, you will see a rare natural scenery and stunning, the gumuk sand. Gumuk sand on the beach this is the only one in Southeast Asia and is a phenomenon that is rarely found in tropical regions. Here, you can enjoy the wide carpet of sand, like in a desert.

Gumuk sand beach near Depok form for thousands of years through a process that is quite unique. First, there are various types of form, the barchan Dune, Dune comb, parabolic and longitudinal Dune Dune. Currently, only some of the tedapat, the longitudinal and barchan. Sea breeze and steep hills to the east of the sand fly activity at Merapi terendap land near the river, forming the dune or gumuk.

To enjoy seafood while gumuk of the sand, you can route through the same Parangtritis from Yogyakarta. After reaching near post Parangtritis retribution, you can turn right onto the beach to Depok. Cost of entry to the beach only Depok Rp 4000.00 for two people and one motorcycle. When you bring a car, you will be charged Rp 5000.00 plus the cost of individual

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